Friday , April 16 2021

Taylor Swift opened the pastel world in the new song "ME!" With Brandon Uri from Panic!

After a successful reputation album in 2017-2018 in 2019, this beautiful girlfriend Favorite teenage composers from around the world have also announced that they will re-occupy the media space. "ME!" New girl single Taylor Swift Change the look of the snake's youngest mother Be a retro girl, talk French, fire and love young people. Brandon Uri From Panic! In Disco Also, music videos are also included. In addition to watching the snake that has become a symbol of the girl in sweet pastel colors All scenes Still full of sweet colors From the first scene to the last scene In addition, it's similar to being inspired by famous music films like Fat In the dancing scene "You are the one I want" To the world of fairy tales like the castle Disney It has to raise half of the loan for Taylor Swift's girls, as well as help streamline this music video with you Dave Meyers Winner of the Grammy Award Best Short Music Branch




"" MI! "It's a song for yourself. And I told myself We own our own lives." The girl said about this song, in summary, from the verses that talk about the habits of women that men can consider to be very annoying. While it can cause a lot the couple must fight. But, finally, men must know this Turtle passing by Waiting to find this person who loves both and sincerely in the way men can not find out other women. Of course, there are cute texts Stumble upon it "I am the only one of me", "You are the only one of you" And "You can not write" excellent "without me" It marks things produced by Taylor Swift, Brandon Uri and Joel Little. You want to say I did not have it, it was not perfect. But perfection can not happen if each of us is not our own.

Even if girls return to be fluffy After the album reputation Walking towards the end of 2017 is not as intense as the old one. But what remains her identity is the same The texts are beautiful, beautiful, for the fans to sing together. And MV pictures are also very nice If you do not win the song You must have some music videos


Story: Jurairat N.

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