Wednesday , October 27 2021

"Sterling" contract with "Manchester City" 5 years: PPTVHD36


Manchester City signed a contract with Rahem Sterling with the club for the next five years, thanks to which this star stays with the club until 2023.

"Sterling" contract with "Manchester City" 5 years.

Pep Guardiola confirms that Rahem Sterling is the key force for the team. Especially since last season he helped the team. Manchester City won the Premier League with 18 goals and 11 assists, while this season still showed a remarkable form, scoring six goals from nine shots, the club decided to renew the contract with Rahem Sterling. Over the next 5 years, although the original agreement will remain until 2020, because Manchester City. I want players to stay with the team. After the news that Real Madrid paid to pull the team.

Raheim Sterling says he is happy about the renewal of the contract. The development of the club itself is amazing, it is a decision to move to Manchester City.

Raheem Sterling will have to help the team play a Manchester United duby match against Manchester United tomorrow evening (November 11, 2018), which Paul Pablo may not be able to play. After the separation yesterday at the gym But the media are expected. Dog trauma Not too heavy. But check out ready before Manchester City, but Manchester United. There is good news when Luke and Alexis practice with their teammates.

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