Sunday , April 11 2021

Shares tight to close half a day plus 0.72 points – Hoonsmart >> Narrow motion index The ending of the morning slightly increased by 0.72 points. Prices of crude oil declined.

The Thailand Stock Exchange, June 6, 2019, the morning closing index was 1,499.18 points, an increase of 0.72 points or 0.04%, while the trading value was 24,959.72 million Baht.

Analysts say the index in the morning index moves closely. Although the establishment of a government is clear, it is the original polarity that results in different measures. Moving forward But the price of crude oil that collapsed in energy reserves The index increases to a maximum of 1,650.95 points, and the lowest is 1,643.27 points

At the same time, there is speculation that AMATA's shares will benefit from the EEC project after the government is the original terminal.

Top 5 securities with the highest trading value:

LH, a trading value of 1,142.38 million baht, closing 11.10 Baht + 0.10 Baht or 0.91%
CC, the value of trading 976.94 million Baht, closing 28.25 Baht +1.00 Baht or + 3.67%
PTTEP trading value of 871.55 million baht, closing 125.50 baht -1.00 baht or 0.79%
AMATA trading value 756.19 million baht, closing 23.30 baht +0.70 baht or + 3.10%
AOT, trading value 742.36 million baht, closing 65.25 Baht + 0.50 Baht or 0.77%

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