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Share Ronan Fish Crashes and Electric Stingrays. Dead on the coral reef, the island of Rasha

News Center Phuket – Share Sanan! The Go-Eco Phuket Volunteer Spirit website claims that the government will solve the problem. After the discovery of Ronan fish and electric stingrays He was sleeping dead on the ridge

On the eve of this day (January 31st), a Facebook page named "Go-Eco Phuket Volunteer" released a slide and a video clip of 0.49 seconds long, stating that "Dead Shark was found dead in Roca Noi, Phuket Today, afternoon (Jan 31, 62) The Go Eco Phuket Volunteer Network reported this While taking tourists to dive into the Maesuea Bay, Racha Island, Mueang County, Phuket, at a depth of about 11 meters, the fish found it Ronan, a clean head and an electric jade. He lies dead on a ridge, which is clearly visible

That's why he had to return to the ship to photograph them as information revealing that these fish are still fish. Probably need to go fishing nets. As seen as fish. I can not use anything. Because it's not popular to eat, so throw In the area Because near the place where the fish were found, divers also found waste pieces that were cut.

To detect these two species of larvae, it is considered to be the loss of rare aquatic animal resources in Thailand. And the last two species have not been found in Phuket for years If you want to meet, you should go black, see Similan or Losin, Pattani. Deposits of this government and the government Who do not know to deposit? If you are selling tourism Fishing will be done. There must be something to be dead on one side !! Take it for a long time. We will be world class tourists !? Or to make a global export of fishing!? In the Maldives, he chose world-class tourism. Therefore there is no fishing His fish is abundant. Not much of his fertility is sustainable! "

However, after the publication of images and messages It seems that many people have expressed an opinion. Most disagree with such procedures. Because it is a serious destruction of natural resources And a call for prosecution for those who have done wrong

For Ron Ron Fish, Clean Head, or Ronan Lizard Fish According to Wikipedia's website, it is a species of Ronan's cartilage. In the genus Rhinobatos (Renault Batos) is a small fish Ronan In Thailand, it is located in the Andaman Sea. Fishing boats will be able to catch 4-5 times for each boat. Is an economic fish that is sold in accordance with the general marine fish market

The electric jargon in Thai is also known as "fish", a type that can be found in Thai waters, such as electric stingray (Temera hardwickii), brown electric stingrays (Narcine brunnea), which are electric rays. It has a flat, round body There is an electric organ consisting of hexagonal cells. Stacked together in groups, located on the side of the eye, to the pectoral fins Inside has a substance like jelly Acting like a body Electricity production to run by hand, washed to the top under the control of the brain Electric discharge occurs when stimulated or anxious , are commonly used for hunting prey or attacking enemies. If people stepped in with an electric jade that lives in nature Reduced electricity is usually about 40-100 volts, which can cause stiffness. While drowning

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