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SEC Quarterly Meeting – CETKO To collaborate on Thai capital market development

Bangkok – September 30 – SEC

Ms Ruenwadi Suwamanamolk, Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), together with Ms Sirivifa Supanat, Ms Voraceja Freimajan, Deputy Secretary-General and Management Team on Thursday 2019 Capital Market Organizations (CETKO), led by Mr. Paibun Nalintarangkun, Chairman and Board of CETKO to discuss important policies and ways to govern Thailand's capital market. Following on the progress of various issues from meeting No.1 / 2019 on June 5, 2019, as well as further discussions on important issues such as reviewing Thailand's capital market development plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises. access to capital Creation of a digital capital market infrastructure in line with the policies of the digital economy and the changing environment. Guidelines for promoting long-term savings and retirement investment investment. And a review of capital market tax problems to promote SMEs and the ESC for Sustainable Growth at the SEC Office on September 30, 2019.

The said meeting is held every quarter. In order to be a forum for exchanging ideas and listening to suggestions from capital market participants By the Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations It consists of 7 organizations involved in the Thai capital market, namely the Thai Stock Exchange Association of Thai Companies Association of Thai Securities Companies Association of Investment Management Companies Investment Analysts Association Investment Investors Association of Thailand And Association of Thai Bond Marketers

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