Wednesday , June 16 2021

RS begins the fourth fourth exhibition in the season for the first 9 months

Bangkok – November 19 – RS

RS has good results, achieving a steady profit. "Hey Hey – Surachai" presents results for Q3 09 with 9M11 profit, with retained profit at Bt381m, confident in Q4'08 growth. High business season And the transparency of the election will help stimulate long-term purchasing power, until 2019 will not be influenced by external factors of the slowdown of the Chinese economy. Ratings on Channel 8 Island, the leader of Thai TV. The agency also reserved advertising.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, general manager of RS Public Company Limited, said the company is still effective. Grow stronger and achieve a steady profit. The company generated a strong Q3'08 result, with a net profit of GBP 381 million and a B / R ratio of PLN 7226 million for the first nine months of the current year. Trade (MPC) is definitely growing. Due to internal factors supporting the business season. And the choices are obvious, increasing the purchasing power of consumers this year. As a result, the business profile continues to grow until 2019, without any impact or risk. External factors, both slowing the Chinese economy. International trade is growing slowly because the company focuses on almost all domestic customers. The Telesales 1781 team quickly closed the channel and successfully finished 8th. The agency also reserved advertising.

In addition, the four main strategies forced MPC sales to cover all dimensions.

1. Focus on the efficiency of managing a large database of over 1 million customers. By the end of this year, it will increase to 1.5 million.

2. Develop a new product (SKU) under the brand Skincare (Magique), Hair Care under the Revive brand and branded supplement (SOM) by mid-December. Two new items for the Mass of 30++ years, including Maggie Herblis, The Radiance Cream and Maggie Herbiss, The Risks New. Magique Herblisse Serum renewing this cream and serum. It is not sticky. Extract from maple from Canada Helps to tighten the skin. Deep wrinkles and look down. Overcome all skin problems, especially sagging skin and wrinkles. In addition to the sales stimulus at the end of the year, the promotional campaign, which is expected to contribute to sales growth in the New Year, will have a very good effect on sales.

3. Add business partners to increase the number of new products. For Home and Lifestyle products continuously. Regardless of whether it is electrical equipment. Home appliances Costume and jewelry For more variety and sales opportunities. Until the end of this year, she plans to import women's clothing. (BRAIN Ladies) High quality Japanese design under the HANA (Hana) brand in Thailand. Good sales are expected. The response from female clients has increased.

4. Develop new sales channels in which the company has an advantage. To increase the customer base to grow more. The success of using the channel through product 1781. Free delivery in Thailand. Money transfer service And advertising channels promote products through media platforms in RS with a single rating. Channel 8, satellite TV and COOL radio, which exceed the competition on the market, reach 15 million directly to customers daily.

Channel 8 sees signs of recovery. Good results for channel 8 already. Evaluating the island, the leading television in the country. And if there is an increase in viewership, it will increase the cost of advertising. In early November. She has started a new game to fill premium content both domestic and international before anyone. Is this Thai drama series, the Indian boxing variety, strengthens the concept. "All dark stories, all emotions" to accelerate the creation of a new audience. Continue to grow for years. This is a walk in the game to match the pace and perspective of advertising money will be good in the first quarter of next year. Not only this, but also added to the team to break into the house. Create new items "Knock on the door to watch news channel 8" includes the concept "Everyone watches channel 8" for fans around the country. And it has been added to the value-added sales of popular Thai dramas and high scores in Thailand over 10 stories and many Thai music to many countries. In Asia, China, Laos, Burma, Cambodia already.

COOL Fahrenheit, the most popular music wave of all time, has an upward trend in the fourth quarter. Due to current activities with the audience. COOLfahighheit Outing Special: THE AURORA EXPLORER IN RUSSIA COOL CROCLE OF RUSSIA The more time you listen to the COOLISM app, the more you qualify to win the bonus. The total value is 500,000 baht.

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