Tuesday , September 21 2021

Rohama Thai is faster. World Cup knockout.

Posted by Nicaragua on November 20, 61, recently announced that Pablo Ozawa, chairman of the agency for the promotion of Nick Boxing by Byron Ruos, a former world mining champion. The World Boxing Association (WBA)

Roxas and his team may have to change their departure dates from Nicaragua to Thailand faster in the knockout world of the CPF. On Thursday, November 22, the flight on that day is quite rare. So, the team is ready to change the travel time to find a ticket easier. This may delay the flight as soon as possible. On Tuesday, November 20th, this is it.

However, it is still a problem. Thailand's visa to their team. If you leave soon, it will immediately change the flight. And it will be posted on all sides quickly.

Nicaragua's media came out. After the last weight test on Monday, November 19th. Roach's last weight is £ 109 or above a model of just 4 pounds. It's not a problem to lose weight in any way.

News in Thailand, Roas will arrive at the WBA Miniature Cup with a Knock-knockout owner of Thai. This is the sixth defense against Roosevelt, the former world champion. I won the championship many years ago. This fight will take place. The front hall of Chonburi Province on 29 November this year broadcast live Truro Four 24 hours 18.00-20.00.

There are also boxing around Bancorp Bike Millions to participate in the program is divided into two strikers, each line 4 people Shocked all collected points. It takes 1 and 2 of each array to make the playoffs to find the winner. The championship will receive 300,000 Baht, 200,000 Baht and 200m Baht, respectively. Other prizes worth more than 1 million boats.

The first match on November 29 consists of (Diamond A) Diamond Shawalit Vitaa Champion WBC Muay Thai Muay Thai Tai Muay Thai WW Muaytai Champion 118 pounds Chaiyan Nirunrat meets Veerapol Lekeidi Gym and (B) Dusit Honor Muaythai 9 13 Coins Resort and Dansai Gym.

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