Wednesday , January 27 2021

remind! The RSV epidemic is more severe than KOVID, the children are critically ill, hospitalized

Many days this news RSV Epidemic In addition, it was stated that the disease is even more severe than KOVID-19 and this list survives and will conclude what it is. How to get stuck Who is at risk? And what are the dangers

Thailand this year can be called a heavy bloodbath from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Especially the KOVID-19 crisis It creates a huge impact on every industry, but not enough. Recently, a message was posted on the “Infectious is a little easy” page stating that “Thailand is heavier than COVID and RSV is heavier. Children patients all over the country, including public hospitals, private hospitals, hospital clinics, flu patients, bronchitis, RSV virus pneumonia (RSV), many things, any hospital, fever, cough, sputum, mucus, some cases, severe symptoms have breathing. Shortness of breath sounds “

RSV is most common in children of all age groups. Most of the symptoms are mild and improve within 1-2 weeks, but may be more severe in young children. Especially if the children are younger than 1 year, the risk group is small children under 5 years, the younger the age, the more severe it is. Premature delivery Having medical conditions such as lung and heart

For treatment Symptomatic treatment There is no specific antiviral drug, so the methods of treatment are spraying, mucus suction, giving oxygen, giving fluids, antipyretic drugs, the main symptoms are bronchospasm, narrowing, which causes shortness of breath and shortness of breath in the lungs, so the child must to breathe fast and hard. The bronchi are sensitive and may narrow. Sensitive And secretions in the trachea and bronchial obstruction, shortness of breath, need to suck mucus. Some cases are so severe that oxygen is needed. Or intubation in iku

Suspected symptoms They range from colds, coughs, mucus to pneumonia, respiratory failure, this virus has recovered and has a chance of recurrence. In connection with the family history of allergies in the future parent or child, the child may develop asthma. If anyone has these symptoms you need to be careful with yourself

Prevention of RASV

1. Avoid going to crowded communities Or avoid being around adults and sick children If he is sick, he must stay home, stop studying and see a doctor.

2. Vaccines for other diseases Co-protection such as influenza, IPD vaccine is an alternative, can be injected.

3. Keep your body warm. During this cold weather, the virus loves

4. People with a basic illness such as asthma, heart disease, a chance of getting RSV and the symptoms are more severe than general children. Be careful not to miss medications. And if he is sick, you must come to see a doctor

5. Wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance, prevent RSV, flu, pneumonia, the same measures as preventing KOVID-19.

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