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Reduce the order. Fast track-AOT. I do not know! There are ghost cards through special channels.

Colonel Colonel Sompong Chinguang, Commander of the Immigration Bureau (Immigration Office), a new person
"Srivawa" ordered to examine the facts The process of selling Fast Track cards outside the system, "Sompong Chinguang", the new Immigration Bureau, expects 15 days to clear the service, must be accurate, transparent and does not require additional benefits. Spirit

The 360-day daily Daily Manager presented corrupt news, a fast track service, which revealed the process of selling informal cards. At Suvarnabhumi Airport In order to use the Canadian Premier Lane from the Immigration Bureau to name the company VFS Global Group Co., Ltd. to print the card and sell it to the airline to provide services for First Class or Business Class passengers Who raised the price from 18 baht to 35 baht / leaf

But we found that such fast track cards can still be purchased through a travel company Make general travelers and travelers who are tour groups Can use the premium tape channel, which is a violation of terms and regulations, while Airports of Thailand Public Limited Company or AOT, as a manager of the airport, do not implement and do not allow the exploitation process in that airport area

*** "Sompong", the new commander of the Immigration Department

Lastly, Colonel Colonel Sommong Chinghung, the new commander of the Immigration Bureau, said the issue, Paul. Rangsipramanakun, National Police Deputy Commissar Keep a record of the order for the continuation of the test. By assigning it to Pol.Lt. The Itarranangong Office of the Immigration Bureau conducted the investigation. Expected to be clear in 15 days

By examining questions and complaints, such as Fast Track Cards via special channels Is it correct or not? , Are there any other passengers who are unable to use the channel on the expressway or not, whether the sale of the card is out of the conditions or not, have income or not? And there is no call for benefits

Which principle can use the special channel? It is already clear But there may be special exceptions, or during a season with many tourists the Immigration Bureau will assess with AOT to be used as a passenger channel Who does not collect additional benefits

"The Immigration Bureau has the duty to facilitate and consider security issues." If too strict Will hit the tourists. Therefore, a service model is based on international principles. As for how to perform the operation, which is part of Premium Lane, there is an agreement with the airline to serve first-class and business class passengers, but if there is a wrong sale, I should now wait for the results of the first factual investigation. "

"Greater Suvarnabhumi". I do not know! There is a Fast Track card for sale outside the system.

On the Suwit Suwattanawat site, the director of Suvarnabhumi Airport, AOT explained that AOT provided channels and facilities on the Priority Bar for passengers who use the service as an individual in case of need. Special legal requirements, such as diplomatic personnel Crews that require special assistance, people with disabilities, etc. (According to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand No. 7), 2 channels in zone 2 and 3, 4th floor, passenger building

With the security officer who checks the entrance to the Priority bar, where passengers crossing this channel must have a passport First Class or business class and premium-class cards that require flights and the name of the passenger on the card with a seat coincides with the passport

As for the improvement of the new Fast Track service, VFS (Thailand) Company Limited is the operator of the group of airlines. By requesting the Immigration Immigration Bureau priority area, which AOT and STO are not involved in the collection of service fees or hidden benefits as reported in any way

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