Monday , January 25 2021

Petty Bank-Om-Fluk Invites Dance to Join Challenge # Something Organized to Encourage Fun to Win OPPO A93

OPO is ready to train the celebrities “Patti Angsumalin”, “Banktiti” and “Om-Flek”.

Invite the dance line together TikTok Challenge # Some, arrange some fun

Win “OPPO A93” latest model Starting today only until November 10!

OPPO Thailand, along with Patty Angsumalin, Bankthiti and Ohm-Flik, ​​invite dance to join the fun dance with the TikTok Challenge at the #Bang OPPO A93 Fun Party. The latest for any TickTock star Get ready to win the “OPPO A93”, the latest smartphone Enjoy every moment Slim design, beautiful, attractive, a total of 3 awards and 9 awards, “OPPO Enco W11”, with a total value of over 38,000 bati, can start showing steps today until November 10, 2020, ready to be attached to # OPPOA93, enjoy every moment. #Some are flashing from fun #OPPOThailand only on the TikTok app.

Continue to buzz in the smartphone industry at the end of the year with the latest OPPO launched the latest smartphone. “OPPO A93” enjoy every moment Pamper the fun age with a slim, attractive and lightweight design with Mini Dual Punch-Holes, a screen that comes with a smaller 6.43-inch dual front camera and FHD + Super AMOLED and stands out everywhere. Each time, with a high-gloss edge design and a glossy matte back cover that plays with light refraction, creating beautiful color reflections. It also comes with 6 AI portrait cameras for you to enjoy in many shooting modes. Ready to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, including watching movies, listening to music, playing full games with the MediaTek Helio P95 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM with large battery. And the fast charging technology, 18W Fast charging, which charges in 5 minutes, can talk for 2 hours, can be called beautiful, fun, complete, valuable for one device

This event, OPPO would like to have 4 favorite young people Patty Angsumalin, Banquiti and Om-Flick Invite everyone to have fun together. Move to show the greatest feat with the TikTok Challenge in the activities. # Some blink from fun Win OPO A93 3 latest models of awards and smart headphones OPPO Enco W11 9 prizes, a total of over 38,000 baht, with the following rules

  1. Create dance moves that are fun and exciting. Ready to dance, to dance moves, to follow a few filters, to make a fun shot of OPPO A93 on the TikTok app
  2. Post a video with # OPPOA93, enjoy every moment. #Some blink from fun #OPPOThailand
  3. Make a public video You can share the fun on Instagram or Facebook for more.
  4. Who is trembling the most? Wait to hear the announcement of the results by November 13, 2020, under the terms specified by the company, the team decision is final. And reserves the right of those who live only in Thailand

The party started today until November 10, 2020, which still does not occur to them to go out. Petty Angsumalin, Titi Bank and Om-Flute Challenge. Have some fun at TikTok @ OPPOThailandOfficial.

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