Wednesday , June 16 2021

Online business taxes You will raise your bank account (1) – Nation column

Authors: Pavel Pongwittayapan

I would like to talk about the Act on Eupie. It's about adjusting to the tax system and electronic transaction documents that the government is trying to push.

The following financial institutions Commercial banks State financial institutions Join all e-wallet or e-wallet providers in Thailand. To report the client's financial transactions to the Tax Office.

I would like to explain in detail that if we deposit deposits or transfers on our account during the year, if more than 3,000 times a year, or deposits or transfers, all accounts will be counted from 200 times. The total amount is 2 million baht. This means that banks must send this information to the Tax Office.

"Department of income" The data will be kept for 10 years if it does not comply with a fine of one hundred thousand baht and a fine of up to 10 thousand baht per day until the information is correct. The transfer of data of persons involved in the tax year 2562 (January – December 2062) to the general manager of the revenue department in March 2563 is required.

The purpose of this law is to focus on online stores that are not in the tax system. Another goal is Corrupt officials Money will be transferred to your account. Illegal business. Gray business such as table football or money transfer.

If this bill comes out, there will be two groups of people who are thinking now Open as a company. Time to enter the company, at least separated from the private one. But another group is fighting to find a way to avoid it. I like to analyze it. From bank transfer of merchants with a QR code system during scanning. Money is taken into account. If someone scans every day. Ten times a year throughout the year. This is a tax report. Many people from Thailand do not use the QR code or PayPay. If you use over 3,000 times a year or if you have over 2 million baht in your annual revenue, your revenue will be reflected.

The impact that can be certain is that some Thais want to avoid going to an open foreign currency, such as PayPal, which the Internal Revenue Service can not. Thai money will leave the country.

Another interesting case is now the crypto-currency. In Thailand, the lawful Government came out to support the use of the crypto-currency. To send money between.

Actually cryptocurrency Government inspectors themselves. When the money is inside or outside. I know where to put money and where to go. But during the trade, checking is quite difficult.

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