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Of 1,335 people! Bouriram has 21 young players to test the final pace.

The Buriam United club is open to young players at the age of 10, 11 and 12 years to enter the Burriam United Academy, which is the starting point. As a professional player in the future of the training ground of Chang Chang Province. Last weekend

The choice of youth players is divided into three generations with a concentration. Mr. Andrew Horde, Head of Youth Development at the Buriam United Academy and personnel staff. See all the players close. Choosing this route, there are 3 young generations of people interested in participating in a test of 1,335 people.

The ten-year-olds (2008) were selected from 359 finalists. The finalists were 10 finalists, among them Faharapong Yonghitikaryn, Chapong Yam, Nathavath Sansang, Tawat Kaepradit, Fowatthatton, Vitin Krugring, Tomon Sirikul, Kasetet University

The 11-year-olds (2007) were selected by finalists of eight finalists. Suwaviat Satifa, Suriamas Damm, Rubin Clayton, Tanakorn Kosol Supakot, Panadat Premyeray, Pitipath Batanang, André Clayton

At the age of 12 (2006), there were 564 tests, finalists were 3 finalists. Kitti Guasufasuk, Piazud Hamhavat, a son

21 young players who passed the final. The staff will contact you again to inform you. And last minute choice or track can be tracked. Official website of Buriram United or Fan page Facebook. and the Facebook fans page

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