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Mr. President, Mr. President of the Cabinet.

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November 21, 2018


Madame Dirk "wandering" found the Sunan Sung "weak community, the Thai society bought the right to sell the voice of Bangkok is not very different from the country" Wutaya "will do the best.

On 21st November at 17:00 at Suan Sandanga University, Rajhachat Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, Thai Prime Minister, chaired the opening ceremony of the "The target audience is the young people who will use the first elections." Members of the party, such as WT, Tawan Wongopa or Madame Deer, Cherawut Watcharapon or plum and the new generation of the party. The event was attended by about 200 people.

Then the Prime Minister. They answered the question of how to vote in good faith, arguing that Thai society buys loud rights due to the weakness of the community. It must therefore strengthen the community. As I said in I do not buy the right to sell out of the country because 5,000 Bakhti in Bangkok is not much about it so people have to make money. Dealing with poverty

The reporter. A student asked the party. Will the Election Commission win the election? And the party will have many MPs. I must admit that the fear of politics. It's not an easy decision to get to work policy. I want the country to come out. I do not want to see protesters like 53 years who can not travel to the Rajapong district to live happily. The home must be concerned whether it will be safe or not, the party will win the election or not. We will do our best. PPP came from the public. He does not want a conflict

In addition, the students asked again. If a democratic party wins the election, it will solve the problem of losing the election, and then go out and protest, the prime minister said the party never opposed anyone. Now is the time of the conflict. Believe that people are tired of conflict. And we are the 3rd choice. There is no conflict.

"I do not like politics," she said. If you want to see the change. We need to do this. In order to know which problems need to be fixed. Trust with the party. I do not know. Today we will do our best. Politics is like football. We do not know what will happen. But to do best. I will not regret later. Whether they will be defeated or won will be accepted in the rules.

Mr Scherawut said that politics is close to everyone. I'm not sure if PPP will win the election. Not a member of the party. We have to see the party's executive power at work. We have good qualities and do not let us be induced. We need to consider ourselves.

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