Thursday , April 22 2021

"Michelin Guide" Year 3! Wade through Chiang Mai

TAT hand in Michelin Rising the Michelin Guide for the third year at the end of this year. Target for Chiang Mai Start sending the inspector to the area. There are restaurants in Chiang Mai that are selected from Michelin. At least 50 leading stores aim to create superior value for the food business for another 5 years, reaching 1 trillion baht.

Late on April 26, Mr. Krishna Kautamang, Advertising and Publicity Director, Thailand's Tourism Agency (TAT) revealed that Thailand's Tourism Agency (TAT) along with Michelin prepare to prepare the Michelin Guide for the 3rd year 2020, which should appear at the end of 2019 under the name of Michelin Guide. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Phang Nga, reflecting the diverse identity of different food crops in three regions of Thailand, Central, South and North. After this, food inspectors or spectrometer will try to find restaurants that meet the criteria for quality. For that reason, Chiang Mai chose that year because in addition to being a good atmosphere there are also local restaurants. The Roadside Restaurant (Street Food) offers many services. Including the famous local menu such as Cao Soy, Nudley, Nam Ngao and others

The Michelin Guide will create excitement for the restaurant in Thailand, caused by buyers of tourists. Who currently has a total value of over 800,000 million Bahts and is likely to reach 1 trillion baht in the next 5 years. Thai food is already known as original capital, but TAT wants the influential media in the food industry to guarantee more. Therefore, drag the Michelin guide to the Research Choice of Stars for Restaurants in Thailand From 1-3 levels, including other symbols such as Bib- Gourde, to delicious, value and money restaurants and Michelin plates, which are quality restaurants that use carefully cooked ingredients According to the 5 year contract

Mr. Gail Van Hwang, Deputy Governor of the Michelin Experimental East Asian Region and Australia say Thailand is already a reputable country for food. When he created the Michelin Guide, the third year decided to choose Chiang Mai. Because besides being the second largest city in Thailand, it is also a major tourist destination, interesting as a cultural and cultural heritage. There is a unique local restaurant. Expected to have a restaurant in Chiang Mai It is selected from the Michelin guides for at least 50 shops, while the hotel reflects Local identity is remarkable and has a number of rooms available. Clearly show the demand for tourists

Mr. Alongkorn Srichueng, Public Relations Manager, Siam Michelin Company Limited, said that Chiang Mai continues to maintain Lanna's culture in many respects. Including food and architecture In addition, over the past several hundred years, it has absorbed the cultural influences of Mont, Khmer, Laos and Myanmar. Chiang Mai has now become a modern city. The Chiang Mai food industry continues to develop exclusively. There are many chic restaurants. There are also many international dishes to choose from. Chiang Mai is also the location of the 27 most wanted projects in the upper northern region. It is therefore the main source of vegetables, fruits and herbs in the country. Restaurants in Chiang Mai therefore have the advantage of access to fresh ingredients. Can offer food, trend, health under the concept of "Farm-to-mass" and cost-value presentation

Mr Alongkorn said that Chiang Mai service industry is still widely known. With various camping options, according to different budgets and tastes. From hostels to resorts to luxury 5-star hotels, most accommodations also feature interiors and architecture that reflect the local charm and identity. These food and accommodation factors encourage Chiang Mai to be colorful. Vanity attracts more Thai and foreign tourists every year

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