Monday , May 17 2021

Marinos joined Muang Tong to announce that Theodhorn joined team number 5.

Marinos joins Muang Tong to announce that

Yokohama F Marinos, the top team of the harsh fish team, joins SCG Muang Tong United at a press conference to confirm the loan. Thailand will use the League League and the second year.

At 2 pm, on January 26, in the press hall, the SCG stadium is considered a day of remembrance of Tirator Buntan, when the press conference confirms the move. Yokohama F Marinos Top Team J League with 1 year loan agreement from SCG Muangthong

At this press conference Dear Mr. Ryoji Kurozawa, President of the Yokohama F Marinos Club, together with Kun Wilak Doongthong, President of the SCG Club, Muangthong, as a witness among the media, and Thi Retror left the Thai national team History of the final 16 teams in the Asian Cup 2019, 47 years of "war elephants" that came with a smiling face and determination

Boon Chang thanked all parties involved in Muang Tong and Yokohama that caused this deal to happen. They will ask to do the best of their ability

For going to the J-league 2019 this time, "Boon-chan" chose number 5 because the agency gave the number between 5-19, Thira Truth decided not to use the two-digit number behind the shirt itself. Continue In wandering the harsh fish year two After the season before playing for Wessel Kobe

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