Sunday , April 11 2021

Lottery "Takianthang Goddess" Do not miss 3 lucky numbers.


Many people from Isan gather in the water "Takianthong Goddess, over 300 years old," Wat Mi Samakhi For peace and prosperity, while the lottery does not miss lucky numbers …

On April 26, 62, reporters reported it Atmosphere in Wat May Samakhi Ban Tha Samakkhi, Chao Tha subdistrict, Kamalasai District, Province of Kalasin, filled with more than 1,000 people traveling across the district of Kalasin, Roi Et, Maha Sarakam and Khon Kaen to prove Sacred Takianthong Goddess Bringing flowers, incense, candles to pay tribute to blessings Hope for wealth and prosperity

Mr Sawai Si Ruang, aged 59, revealed that when he heard the news, he discovered two pieces of Takianthong tree, over 300 years old, with many neighbors. So I was traveling to see myself. I do not think people will bring this much. From the first day before April 22 It is expected that at least 1000 people will come to worship the goddess Takianthong. Ready to pray for blessings Seeking wealth based on faith. There is also a bathing ceremony Ask for peace and prosperity

However, the neck of the lottery has a number of backhoe. Who raised the Tahyan tree from the water is the number 705 and 205, the number of donations ending 725, and the number of the age of the bridge over the Qi River for 50 years. The length of each tree is about 15 meters.

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