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LINE MOBILE penetrates the new generation with "The Most Excelent Ad Space"

LINE MOBILE Create a new phenomenon for the industry Telco And the advertising industry Launch the campaign "The most exclusive advertising space " Use advertising space for people (Human Media) For the first time in Thailand The retreat of the famous teenage actor "Ice-Paris" to share the cool idea to create Brand experience New Response to the New Generation Raising the concept of a campaign that wants to make a difference, create recognition and create engagement with customers and events. "LINE MOBILE The more you open … the more I want you Open Ice with Ice Paris, which will be held on Sunday, February 3, 2019, at the Central Court, on the 6th floor, in the Central World.

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Miss Pawaris Chumwickran, Line Marketing Marketing ManagerThailand said LINE mobile SIM, mobile phone, call to talk, play online with 100% digital service, first in Thailand Create a new phenomenon for the Telco industry and the Thai advertising industry With the launch of an advertising campaign "The most exclusive advertising space " That for the first time in Thailand uses advertising media for people or for human media Make a difference from traditional advertising. The idea behind the campaign stems from the fact that we want the brand to be recognizable. And make a new generation of target groups try to open their minds to use the Line Mobile SIM card that can satisfy the lifestyle of the next generation. These people want to do everything in the online world. As convenience, speed, freedom, which at present offer online services You do not have to go to the store. In addition, our packages have no obligation. Customers can control costs and manage their own affairs themselves.

After we started LINE MOBILE The main hallmark of the brand is Creating novelty, differences, courage to think and work out of the box

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In advertising campaigns "The most exclusive advertising space " Bring new ideas For advertising media, as well As in principle, many advertising media can be a billboard on the expressway, an LED screen in the middle of a cross-section of posters along the train in the sky. But this campaign is for the first time Thailand to use the body as a medium for advertising. Apart from human media, we have chosen the right people to reach the new generation. Especially in the world of social media to join the campaign, which this time, Line Mobile chose "Ice-Paris Intarakomol Sut", the famous teenager from the bloodthirsty series. Open the forehead area and add more fun to this campaign. Because the image everyone remembers from the series and is the tip of the ice is the Unique Left Frontal Hairstyle. So we use this area as an advertising medium for mobile lines. Create an interest and stimulate customer suspicions

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All campaigns on LINE Mobile We intend to create from the resonance of consumers. Every thing is thinking of ideas and looking for new consumer insights and discovering what consumers want to meet. What corresponds to the market trend in 2019 that the behavior and needs ofConsumers will change quickly. Even if the original user or the original group can be changed from the original that was previously known To cause the brand to no longer affect the needs of consumers. Apart from understanding the needs of users primarily Line Mobile ChongFocus on creation Brand experience Too new to create a characteristic brand Makes content different Create excitement and interest for consumers Including extensions to other communication stories Consumers after campaign "The most exclusive advertising space is open for buyers to join the event. "LINE MOBILE is more open … more love Open Ice Mouse with Ice Ice " What will be held on Sunday February 3, 2019 On the floor of the Central Court 6 Central World

This latest campaign is not the first time LINE Mobile creates a new and successful phenomenon to meet customer needs. Because in the past year, LINE Mobile has won 3 awards to ensure success both from Thailand and from abroad. Which means that consumers accept Line Mobile as well as 1. Award Best Brands 2018 From Influential marks ® Asian Branding Experts from Singapore What is an agency that has been researching market research in Asia for more than 20 years. Line Mobile is the first Telco brand to receive awards at this event. Award Bronze Awards Type of service business (Service) Year 2018 From the Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT) obtained from the campaign MOB LINE MOBILE, the cheapest SIM- LINE Mobile is a new player in the Telco industry that creates an interesting phenomenon in the marketing industry in the first year of launching the brand. Award Top 5 Youtube ads Leaderborad 2018 Type Bumper ads Who is seen as a success in brand planning advertising the target group from the first year as brand new

"As one of the brands in the industry Telco comes with only a fraction of a year We have to face many challenges to make the brand acceptable. From the main strategy ofWe are constantly developing to satisfy customers with rapidly changing behavior. Strategy for growth We also focus on consumers as a center to meet consumer needs that have never been met to solve. pin point And make mobile linesIs a digital mobile SIM that consumers want " Miss Pavaris concluded.

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