Tuesday , September 21 2021

Levi's Design (P) Annual End Design for Memoir

Bangkok – November 21 – IPG Media brand

Mr. Peter Horneby, vice president of fashion products and Ms. Goviti Seriromontakul, sales director, DXS (Thailand) Co., recently presented the design of LEVI (R) TO MAKE MEMORIES to invite you to give your family, friends and loved ones special gift from Levi (R) x Snoopy – Collaborative Limited Collection. Year Ends Ensogo members will enjoy a discount of up to 1,000 Bahts when buying jeans or 2 jackets for a jacket and a 15% discount when buying 2,500 Baht or 20% to 3,500 Bahts from now until January 6, 61. Only in the Levi's (R) stands, and Levi (R) across the country. And buy online. https://www.levis.co.th/holiday2018

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