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"Kiro invited the smile", waving his wife, opening a love life, 21, how much for a woman to run!

Is a real life comedian Not so funny Chick invited yiOr Chalmerspane was born At last, using a beautiful wife Miami – Chrysanthemum came to sing Open your mind through the talk show program and the different monsoon life. And the wife had a car accident. While they do not touch a friend who has a wife with special needs And a son who is sick with plenty of water in the brain from birth makes the development of muscles of the limbs slower than normal children But it is called the head of the family, takes good care of the children and for the woman.

Dating for 19 years

Peak: We started by not being more flirting. Starting from being friends, brothers and sisters, when they are new to each other, when there is something, they will consult and talk. So, it was a close friendship Know the miracles. And then there was an event that changed to become a fan
He is a French man And to be a man who suits every person we love Especially our parents, the family One, of course, we love our family. And when we have a girlfriend, we want our fans to love our family too. Who is able to respond there

What impresses this man?

Mama: How consistency From the earliest known to today How it's still the same It's really not only 19 years old. You need to count back 2 years, a total of 21 years familiar. Who says it's constantly From dating How long can it work for a woman to run out? This question is important.

Why should you give your wife money?

Chick: In my case is I'm a night worker And many of our friends Of course, at the end of the job There must be entertainment there. Money will not be left. Then another is Shopping in the house We will not divide. How much will be spent So, we gave this to the woman better. Who is a heavy burden, paying that compensation And it worked well

Then he's fighting? What's the oldest?

Mama: Most of the time She said she would come back Will not come back after time Then, here is the question of repairing cars. Buy it there. Buy this sophisticated. When you have money, you can buy it all. Will not care anything How much is it? These things are fine. But there is one story that is wrong The story of girls Really not often. Many years will be one time This kind of work is often not good, it will come 4 years, as a world ball.

I saw there was a way to know Without going upside down, did you?

Mama: is that we will be aware of the time Because we are personal managers We will know that working here today will stop for a long time. Once accepted, but if we often start to doubt it. It must have absolutely nothing And the evidence in our hands must be strong enough If not, then it will continue to flow.

Where is the point of the argument and we are not talking about a month?

Mom: I would say that they never argued with one another after he was there. We stand and we are not happy. Let's not talk to each other better. Different people use different ideas. Madame told him to tell him. If you are here and happy, come back here. But if it happens to be straight and happy Ready to start a new one You are there. Madam will give you this option.

How to fix the situation? Let's go back to be the same?

Peak: At that time, we already knew. Therefore, we must try to clean it there to be as clean as possible. Do not give in and do not finish Not that I came back to my family. To be with my family And there must be problems after this, no, I have to clean up and reject everything And then come back To live together in one hundred percent, like this

Take Trust Who will make the family still love each other?

Madame: Because the past was past He is not a very bad person. There is nothing to do and go wrong, everything Well, he still has a look at his good part. And he was not the one who would have earned Not that we would release our husband forever. We have to have someone who helps you to use the wall. So we felt it May be a certain period of action during the course Not only our partner who has the other couples have the same.

Is there a way to raise children to be good and strong?

Madame: I'll tell him every day That he is as good as others He is the best person. In the eyes of other people, Mother will not know how she looks at the child. But in the eyes of my mother. See that the above is a good person. First of all she can do. If the above is intended and wants to be done. Like fitness, exercise. We will be a model for him. Practice it to watch it every day And then take it to the fitness center I told him that if it's strong Can help and care for itself Mother will give the above to study outside. And this is his goal Today, before going to bed, he will exercise every day.

Update the car's disease. How is it now?

Peak: It's better now. Indeed never before And I do not know what the wind is What is exclusion? I saw and heard But it was never Maybe with a little rest And we are also pretty old We will not be like before we sleep 3 and 4 and then wake up early to do this like this. But when he began to create his own band He became tired How to play music And should fly to continue to shoot Can make about 2-3 lines and fall Poor And then it turns Then it fell And then crashed in the middle of the list In At that time, it was found that the pressure was very high.

What kind of heart do you want to tell this woman?

Peak: I would like to say No matter what happens Where or where? If he was in my eyes I would be happy all the time. Only he does not exist We have returned and we have not seen him. We felt uncomfortable. And then he is not happy. When he was close, we were happy. When we suffer We can consult it. It will be a very good solution.

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