Friday , April 16 2021

Kao Kevu Open Zoo Invited to visit the National Labor Day on May 1.

News Center "Siracha" An open zoo in Khao Kevu, the province of Chon Buri, organized a concert to calm the workers on May 1, mobilizing famous singing artists to create a fun pair of cute animals.

Today (April 26th), Mr. Ataporn Siraran, Director of the Zoo Cao Kiyi Discovered that on May 1 National Labor Day, Cao Keew, an open zoo, Chonburi Province has organized activities to calm down a group of workers who believe they will travel to relax with many families, such as every year. By organizing famous singing artists such as Mike Pyrmont, a beloved singer of the work force, singer Lam Luc Isan, the desired car of the Fairy Variety parade, "Saeng Dao Pimma Sri", owner of the hit song Fairy Saraphat and sexy indie singer Niki 2 , which will start to slow down from 11:00 onwards.

Not only Cao Kevu Open Zoo Also organizing special performances Change swimming through pure glass Which tourists will want You can see the sweet elephant under water, Penguin Parade, Bird's Day Caboose, Gingerbread, Giraffe, White Rhino, Zebra, flamingo and touching the glow of the new member.

Including the opening of the Australian territory Land of various species of wildlife in Australia, including red kangaroos, valabia, koali and marine crocodiles, culminating in the most beloved Japanese Yippen horse at the age of 52 in Thailand. , Cao Din Bin Bin Laden – Taian is a pair of giraffes. From the Dusit Zoo, which bin Laden, which is exposed to African animals, etc.

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