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"Jiang Hai Fest" on this day, November 24, meets in Lan Nern Soft with the largest music festival in the north.

What about the great music festival in the north now? It can be answered without thinking that Young's Talk "Young Mae Fest" is guaranteed to be entertained by GMM Gram and the Zappa (Zap Party) Music Festival. This festival is known as the first of the largest music festival in the north of Chiang Mai. It comes with a large lineup of more than 40 artists from all genres of music. In addition, it is packed with the most entertaining and rewarding experience over 2 days, which will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2019 in Lan Nern Nom Noum , Jiang Mai. Wonderful And also full stomachs with restaurants in Jiang Mai carefully selected to taste more than 30 restaurants and also to enjoy the fun with 3 activity zones. You can be sure that this is the first biggest music festival in the north.

In this regard, "Jiang Hai Hess" still has a greatness that cannot be said, which is the largest number of top artists in the country that have performed in the northern region.More than 40 artists, all types of pop rock. Hip-hop, indie dance hit singers dance and dance to 2 great stages led by Body Slam, Palmy, Pek Phuk Chok, Poly Cat, Twenty-Five Years, Cocktail, Oatmeal, Atom, Pop Pong, Aof Pongshak , Greece Easy Coffee, Kala Young, Color Tattoo, Pure, Big Ass, Lomonoso, Titanium, Your Boy TJ, Or Organic, Lazy Lox, High Hot, Young Om, Figs, Yang Gu, Diamond, Young Bon, CN, Ub Cyanide, Dream High, Rah Boy, Og Smith, Mirap, Blackchap, Benzi, Kun Pa Apartments, Titosit, Keith and Dolph and Telex Say that other music festivals You probably wouldn't have been able to and handle this full scale

Aside from the fun, there's something great going on at the event. "Jiang Hai Phase" for participants to participate in a fun experience from different zones. Who turned all the objects, buildings and decorations in the city of Jiang Hai, a stage that is full of impressive entertainment stories, whether
(1) Jiang Mai Gate City Zone With a gigantic graphic show on the Jiang Mai Wall Gate through which you can take a stroll around Say the biggest and most ornate.
(2) The Village Will Be Restrained, It Will Be With The Collection Of Popular Lifestyle For Everyone To Watch, Buy And Photograph The guy who says go and shop all day and all night without boring
(3) Kad Jiang Hai with its delicious restaurant zone in Jiang Mai, more than 30 restaurants full of different menus, guaranteed to be the most entertaining and also a full stomach for 2 days with safety

Now probably rejecting the magnitude of the work. "Jiang Hai Stage" Can No longer Be Because Walking Everywhere in Jiang Mai or Nearby Provinces Will Hear I saw promotion on almost all channels, including radio waves, vinyl signs, red cars, trucks and LED screens that are packed all over the city It can be said that Somsam is the largest music festival in the north. Welcome to be part of the fun of the biggest music festival in the north at Chang Music Connection Presentation & # 39; Chiang Yai Fest & # 39; which will take place on Saturday 23rd and Day. Sunday, November 24, 2019, in Lan Nern Nom, Jiang Mai, with Early Bird Tickets for Great Value! 1 ticket can enter in 2 days for only 900 baht (normally 1,500 baht) This price only sells for 3 days !!! Only from August 31 to September 2! Buy All Service Ticket counter tickets at the 7-Eleven store. All branches nationwide or More details can be found on FB: Chiang Yai phase

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