Monday , January 25 2021

Jan Byp Colombo with a long space


Image: ESA / ATG medialab

Mercury is a neighboring planet in the world. But it was not overlooked because we will soon know more about Mercury From the BepiColombo Survey, a joint mission between the European Space Agency With the Japanese Space Research Agency In the journey to the innermost planet of the solar system

The Beppi Colombo Battalion was sent from Earth on October 20, 2018, called a double vehicle, as it consists of two satellites: Mercury Planetary Orbiter (Mercury Planetary Orbiter-MPO) and Mercury Mercury Magnetospheric Orthopter-MMO After a five-month trip to space recently, the inspection of the vehicles confirmed the overall performance of the spacecraft. Beppi Colombo That the vehicle is strong enough to spend a long time in space

However, since the release of the Beethoven Beethoven comet, the vehicle is now about 50 million kilometers from Earth, which scientists aim to allow the spacecraft to reach Mercury by the end of 2025.

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