Wednesday , October 27 2021

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Return to the list of 12 battles on channel 3, this time there are forecasts that have hurt the skeleton at 12.

That's one of the reasons I love you. And the Zodiac in this period has a repeated resumption of gold!

Oh … what is it? Cold weather is not the same as the fate of these two fates.

And finally Lecture Regular astrologer The answer is this. Which of the following must be met?

The zodiac in this period is a nemesis because lovers are.Fish

And the sign of the zodiac in this period has recurring gold!Capricorn Ram and Cancer I have 3!

And to see it. How did you explain it?


He said that nemesis, because lovers. Why not look at this angle. We went to love him. Trust him. Love is very painful.

But it's not like that. I will not emphasize that it is love for young people. But love is in the form of kindness and trust.

This means that neglect will lead to mistakes. We must keep this secret. He did not want to reveal it, but he was armed with a weapon. You have to disclose

It will never punish lovers. This is destiny.

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It is a factor that has made a small contribution to the current moment that the nemesis occurred over a period of 2 months Nov-Dec must be a cautious promise of the word document.

If there is no reason to fight each other, do not let the matter get worse. To understand this. This is it. I will not do it. Understand yourself

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Capricorn Ram and Cancer

3. The zodiac in the recurring age, which means that even the golden age begins around 50-60 years, but some people are premature.

Perhaps this is due to boredom and we can not complain, and emotional exhaustion can be caused by the economy. Society around all things. Make a golden age.

And also very effective for Capricorn Aries and the most obvious is Capricorn, because Saturn is a star.

Then, the solution was proposed. Watch what is good and travel, if not better. I went for a watermelon.

This golden age is not permanent. But if we create a relationship with him, it will not be repaired, it will become bipolar. Let us be careful with ourselves.

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