Saturday , June 19 2021

I do not believe that. Everything from the movie (clip)

After a few years I have to earn a living. But this job is a message that money is good. Buy a brand. Forgetting his past, Orange was opened by the talk show on the one31 channel.

Is it true?

"History is in the news. But the details are unknown. I do not have open mouths. He is still at home today. And all the money is also sent to the same money.

And he left the house with money from 60 to 200 baht. I must say that there is no way. And no one took him. It's a very old age."

Is tacos hidden money or real money?
"Money can be hidden. It's been some time since I started working on the show. He had just received a silver envelope and handed it to his wife. He did not know how many items he had. Because the wife is the caretaker.And I will know all the details "

What is the difference?
"It's people. He's fascinated by people who are funny." People who watch it feel happy.The coming woman I know no money is better than that."

I'm not sure if it is.
"It's still good, nothing, there may be a quarrel between the spouses, it must be normal, but we live with him in different houses, some of our personal stories will not be unpleasant."

Where do the photos come from social media?
"With my wife. When we asked him, he really did not know. We asked what to promote. He said no. He is not at all clear. He's still waiting for him when he goes out to say something. But because he is a person who does not like messages, then I forgive. I will have to wait for part 2 "

We ask for better. How many times have you come to Korea?
"Really, do it 3 years ago, and then last time for the second time I did it under my supervision. The first step is not to do it. Time is light. It looks so good.

Now 10 days can be a bit swollen because we pushed the sheep to the doctor who wrote them before we planned. Because we are people who talk on a mobile phone. I swell this time. "

What's up with Sunny?
"At first, when we were a guy, we liked him, he was poisoned by silicone surgery, he made a new face, he was beautiful, he did not see anything, he has a lot of comments, some people are different, we look at it and think that he has the same angle, it's not something "

Three oranges are surgically removed?
"There is no operation for me, the person is afraid of the needle." The smell of medication in the operating room is the hottest thing … Time will pass We need to wait for results that are good or not worth it?

How much is it?
"At this time, about $ 7,000 thousand, only in the eyes of 200,000 a little, then the other is 245 cm3 for 245 cm3. This means that milk is a new trend for baby milk. We are already a milkman."

Are you happy with what you did?
"I'm happy, it's just waiting to get in. It may look like a big chest, but a little longer, it's going to get smaller and it's going to be smaller. If you ask me to do something else, I will not do it.

Back to top What is your life?
"There are 6 siblings in the house, I asked if I was poor or poor, but it was not difficult." If we look at it is not difficult, it's normal people like him. We do not have a TV, I do not think it's necessary. to send us today. "

Have you ever escaped from the wedding?
"Yes, it's around 18-19. We have a family home, so I want to marry a hero, but we look at what we want to do to make the parents comfortable." I decided to talk to my dad, so my father ran away to Bangkok. dad, and then think about how to find a job.

At the time, we did not know anything. Considered a dead sword. I went to patrol the restaurant and he got it because we sang it. He wished we went with him. After a while, my father wrote a letter to my mother. Then came the mother.

But we told her not to come back. Then send money to your mother. I'm going back. Then we started to improve. We have money to send to mother. We took our brothers to work. Women sing Men make a joke. Make money "

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