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Fire boy! Sliced ​​5 items, Ajax, a young man, Juventus

Fire boy! Disseminated 5 items Ajax, Juventus Young people

"Jack gigantic killer" Ajax Amsterdam makes movie experts to be bizarre When they crushed the pen with the Juventus 2-1 in the semi-finals of the Champions League Match 2 on Tuesday April 16th. The total result of two games, winning 3-2, passed the playoffs.

If this game, anyone who watched Ajax games, will immediately know that this is not a blow. Because they managed to push the host to be under control, although Juventus took the first goal from Cristiano Ronaldo's scoring, but as a fiery child, he would be furious when he was wounded when they were not uniformed and almost got the door several times

While he succeeded in the 34th minute of Donnie van der Beck. Then, Ajax showed a strong performance, chased "Zebra" and finally scored a goal from Matigues Delik. Of course, entering the semifinals Ajax is young Do not be afraid anymore. Because they won all the giants Juventus and Real Madrid

1. DeLitz, this kid is not ordinary

Ajax Amsterdam will be ready to lose the match with the European team this summer, as the 19-year-old captain made an extraordinary contribution. To be honored as the best defender in his generation And can play for every team in the world

Fire boy! Disseminated 5 items Ajax, Juventus Young people

Prior to that, Delig showed his best form in the Real Madrid match in Santiago Bernabeu in the last 16 laps. Dutch blood star Creating quality work, helping Ajax break his pen. Juventus's unbelievable throw in an incredible frame.

DeLign handles the team's goal. In this rhythm, it must be said that the players showed the best when he was able to win 2 home defense with the strongest body. In addition, players still have a trick to maintain most balls. And pass the ball exactly

Now tell Mino Reila, Delgig's agent, has a nice diamond in his hand. And get ready to review the proposals from the giants after this season

2. Zygec shines brightly the top players

Hakim Zigok, midfielder of Morocco Not just creating a title in the top league game in the Netherlands. Since he is now a world football player who watched the 26-year-old star playing the wing position. Or a midfield midfielder, which, of course, makes the team benefit from a variety of plays

Fire boy! Disseminated 5 items Ajax, Juventus Young people

Playing in different positions makes it difficult for a competitor to face a difficult situation in dealing with an important player. With this game, players are almost named as archers at the end of the match. Because sending the ball to the bottom of the net nice Unfortunately, when Pao checked the VER, who clearly saw the optimistic rhythm

Of course, this form of play, the giants in the football industry, prepared a draft agreement to file Ajax Amsterdam, which considers the Arsenal's big pistols and Bayern Munich's "South Tigers" move ahead of other teams. When we hope to get a player who will join the team this summer

3. Uve was kidnapped by Ajax's children

In the end, Juventus would prefer to bring luck in the first game. Wind turbine land When they were from Ajax Amsterdam, who is rich with young children, but the potential is too high. Dominate better And create many opportunities to achieve goals But the game ended with a 1-1 score

Fire boy! Disseminated 5 items Ajax, Juventus Young people

For the second game at the Juventus Stadium, the game seems to be similar to the first game that Ajax attempted to open the game. Because there are important conditions because they have to shoot at the door In order to reduce the lack of losing golf golf Or the rules of the guest team in the first game, but the final match was taken from Juve before the former talent Cristiano Ronaldo

However, Ajax is becoming more and more active and doing better. In fact, they played better than the result 0: 0, when it was 1-0. Then he defeated rivalry 1-1 and came to the Arc de Triomphe

If Juventus can play this, it should be really punished by Ajax.

4. 22 years of vengeance, not late

Probably not too big or too pyrotechnical to say This is a mission of revenge from Ajax in Amsterdam after they were injured by a heart attack when Juventus took the final in the Champions League final in 1996 and next year Heat from Zebra with two strokes, including 2-6

Fire boy! Disseminated 5 items Ajax, Juventus Young people

Of course, the pain at that time was a good remedy to encourage players to fight with one of the big clubs like Juve, because there are currently many Ajax executable boards. Many people, especially Marx over Mars, who was the sports director The victory of this team is considered sweet and sweet. Parties included in Ajax

5. No Kilini Uve.

Giorgio Chiellini, the strongest captain of Juventus, did not enter the pitch due to problems with injuries. At this point, Ajax should look very good. Due to the fact that they had to attack Zebra, where the host did not have big players in the game Causing them to have a chance to penetrate the target

Fire boy! Disseminated 5 items Ajax, Juventus Young people

Everyone already knows that Kilini is the leader in Juve's pick-up game and can play aggressively, causing rivals players to be terrified when they enter the dangerous area. But without him, Leonardo Bonuccio faced a difficult task in dealing with a firefighter from Ajax.

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