Saturday , January 16 2021

Fans are getting ready to scream “Ext-Off” holding hands with sweet kisses in the middle of the cave!

Fans of the drama “they want to be reborn near you” are getting ready to scream This Thursday night, “Ex-Av” was holding hands for a sweet kiss in the middle of the cave.

The drama “Praying to be reborn close to you” has reason to conquer all the time because 2 Nang Thor-Tanapop and Af-Takorn have to go wild to escape being chased by villains until the fans get upset. This Thursday (October 29), director Sun Sri Kaev Lo would like to stop the exciting story. Deliver a sweet scene that can tell fans Get ready to find ice to compress your eyes. Because while the young man continues to lead Afl into a cave in the deep forest In order to find a place to hide the original medicine that Du-Fopton’s ex-husband hid before his death Allowing the couple to have time to be close together They also revealed their feelings for each other. But in this work I do not know how to express their feelings to each other. Or because the atmosphere is the heart Therefore, continue – Av carelessly kissing in the middle of the cave Do you want to know what inspired them both to be so careless? Do not miss this scene in the drama. “I wish to be reborn near you” Thursday night, October 29 at 8:15 pm on channel 31

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