Sunday , July 25 2021

Fah Hwan Nakhon singer Dan Sato teaches 100,000 baht to help southern brothers

From the Flood Event At this point in the south, Fai Roy Core Camp with Mr. Fayap Kam Fan (President of the Thai Buddha Amulet Association) and singer Bin La Fa Fa Kwan Nakhon, owner of famous songs. “The Legend of Muang Hon”, “Pump Kid”, “Tep Kid” and recently “Tung Tantawan” realized love for their hometown. Donate money to help flooded southern people This money is a contribution from the show of her own singing, which was collected through “Kru Chao Cao Talu”, a famous DJ. 100,000 baht. Bee is used to set up a relief center for flood victims, including rice, dry food, people in need of help can contact Consumer Goods at Teacher Chao Cao Talu, call 089-474-0111 .

In addition, the Thai Buddha Amulet Association, popularly known as Fayap Kam Fan, is the association’s president. Also accepting preliminary donations from members of monastic circles Pour water with a stream to help flood the flood for more than 8 hundred thousand baht. Continue to carry the money, as has been said, for the purchase of rice, dry food and bags for the survival of those affected by the floods in Nakhon Si Tamarat province and the affected provinces.

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