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England – EU gets new Brexit deal, Prime Minister Johnson says council approves

UK leaders and EU leaders A new Brexit deal has been reached, which Prime Minister Johansson is confident the council will back. Brexit will also appear on October 31.

Foreign news agencies have reported that British Prime Minister Boris Nonson (Great Britain) and European Union (EU) leaders have reached an agreement to remove Britain from the European Union or Brexit. A new version has been made by both parties, which says the deal will allow the UK to exit the EU properly on 31 October 2019.

Now, Prime Minister Johnson must get a new Brexit deal with House approval. In which he states that Safer than the Council will support this agreement. "This is our opportunity as a democratic party in the UK to successfully survive Brexit and leave the EU on October 31," nonson said.

The content of the new Brexit deal is largely similar to the agreement former Prime Minister Theresa May reached last year: Britain will be bound by EU regulations by the end of 2020 or longer. In addition, the UK will pay for EU membership withdrawal of 35 billion US dollars while EU citizens' rights in the UK and UK rights in EU member states are guaranteed.

Changed part is Northern Ireland will follow the EU's only market path by lifting the "stalemate", a policy that will guarantee it There will be no return of stringent border control measures between Northern Ireland. With Ireland a member of the European Union But to oppose it would allow Northern Ireland to remain under the EU Customs Union indefinitely.

The agreement also states that Northern Ireland will continue to be part of the UK Customs Union so that they can participate in various trade agreements. It will happen in the future after Brexit At the same time Northern Ireland will continue as a way to the EU customs territory, with the UK not setting a tariff for goods entering Northern Ireland. As long as the product is not intended to be shipped overseas

The Joint Commission between the UK and the European Union will determine whether What products are at risk of entering the EU single market and will the UK levy taxes on those EU products at a Northern Ireland Council meeting? Suspended from January 2017, it will be voted on every 4 years to decide whether it will continue to abide by this trade measure. By adopting the resolution, only a simple majority vote will be used.

However, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which represents Northern Ireland, is part of the UK. Announcement Against New Brexit Agreement Since Northern Ireland is still subject to European Union customs rules. Although Northern Ireland is part of the UK's customs territory They are also concerned Domestic consumers will have to face rising product prices with fewer choices. And VAT may be charged at a different price than other areas of the UK

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