Tuesday , September 21 2021

Do chase coaches! Full elephant team after the fight 1-1 points 4 major problems.

Fans comment on elephant verses after the Suzuzhi match in Thailand in 2018 with the Philippines 1-1 by pointing out four main problems with the game today …

November 21 gathered comments from Thai national fans on the Thairath site after the battle for elephants with the Philippines 1-1 1-1 in the Suzuki Cup 2018 Group B yesterday.

Many fans in the same direction that the reason for the Thai national team is not good in this game, there are four main factors. 1. The field is not good, the rain is hard to play, and the Philippines is more familiar with this field. Charm of the game is gone, no fun, 3. Chatchai son of a carpet soft experience to bring the door, 4. Heartless heartless play as a lack of strength.Some of the comments on the page.

Lut Annan: The Thai team played a lot, without charm, it's not fun, it's very unpleasant if the Thai team does not win the AFP championship this year, it's Myanmar or not Singapore. Is champion Do not let Vietnam win the championship! Thank you for your help. It would be damn that the Thai Doc sure.

Boy Keratinatthakorn: I think the ball is not a balloon is not 3 ball is a head. This is a good place to go.

N. Nakornratchasima: See profile If the Thai national team does not win the ASEAN team with a large majority at home and away, it does not have to think about the world.

Sathit Chotsiri: The team is weaker than focus. The team is superior in focus. Wait for the opponent to miss. If your opponent does not miss, do not wait to shoot his goal!

Dusit Siliwong : What a goalkeeper Weak experience

. : Not surprised Let's not confront the ball, not to help the pressure. The attacker is too slow

Basic effects of jasmine: I really do not want to play for the national team, I do not care that the team is so weak and almost defeated.

The path of the priest : Do not lose

Silver star with silver star The result is not lazy. The Philippines is full of coaches and players. In the size of the home team, the Middle East is difficult to come. With the conditions of the field, he responds to the style of the title, and it is so hard to call him his own way. If we came across a simple home, I'm satisfied.

Bullachaiyuwat Tanaset : We are not strong

Nami: I'm not sure if that's the case.

Don troll I want to be broken, because it will be out.

Don Nora Lam erosion I do not know what to do.

Chutiwat Wathaolam I do not know how to know.

Apirat Jatt Rain is hard to play.

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