Tuesday , June 22 2021

Closed circuit biting insults selling oranges rot Make a kick – Repeat with a gun (clip)

Photo from the CCTV Minority market, Iyara shoots customers with bad sales of a rotten orange. I told them to restore the product to speak blasphemously. Make a throw – Repeat with weapons …

With the case of Miss Tipp Zodiac, 38, owner of the fruit warehouse. "Sap Chinda" makes the firearm .38 launched by Mrs. Saranya Saeng is 30 years old in the mother's fruit market in Ayutthaya. In the chest and abdominal cavity, 3 shots hurt before death in later life. The incident took place in front of the orange fruit shop Sriwilai in Iyara, Klong 2, Klong Luang. Pathumthani

Because the reason. The dead came to the store. Buy orange and orange waste. When I brought the orange to the store yesterday. This morning is still there. When he was told to die, take a picture. I will return to the owner of the orange garden. But the dead said. It is not the same night as the other. I'm angry. Lift the gun in the drawer. Hit the dead face and shoot the magazine. Then the husband took the gun out of his hand. And waiters at the scene of the incident. Messages are already offered.

There are scenes from a closed circuit that were found dead to a shopkeeper's walk. Before we talk about something. Then the shooter fired from the gun. Let the dead run away. I'll fall in front of the store. But the shooter also repeatedly followed the gun. And kick the dead several times. The husband causes the arrest.

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