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Clop encourages the team not to pressure the form.

Clopp encourages the team not to put pressure on the form.

Liverpool manager Jerren Clop, offer a bright path to the Reds. Do not let the pressure affect the performance of the team. After being able to draw Leicester City last Wednesday Ready to identify now, do not worry about the situation of other teams. Because the most important thing is to focus only on our own game.

Jermen Klop German manager Reds Liverpool asked the team not to put pressure on the game format. After winning Leicester City only in the final game of the Premier League, now pointing out that the team has the advantage of bringing Manchester City 5 points.

"Reds" can only open "Enfield" nest "Fox" 1-1 last Wednesday, causing them to miss out on goal. "Blue Sail", however, Klop insists that despite the disappointment there were no 3 points in this game. But there are good things Since the team can score "Blue Sail" has increased

"I am disappointed that we have not won this game, of course I was disappointed, but I did not bring anything in the Manchester City game." I understand everything. But what can we do now? It's easy to ask these questions. , we must make sure that we do not give so much influence. My staff is an ordinary person. I am an ordinary person. "

"We need a win in this game and we can not feel bad then But should we talk about Manchester City things?" "Not exactly We have more than 1 point." That's not what we want, but everyone in this period I do not think there will be more wounded players. It helps us a lot "

"We now have a few days to get ready, the team meets West Ham and we need to do it, then we found Bornammut and had to finish." "That's what we need to do." "Not just sitting and counting votes. we expand the gap between us and the other teams We have to win in our game This has not happened in past games so we are not happy with this But it's over. " Clip identified

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