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Catching DJs, selling drugs, organizing themselves, each set of 2,000, eating and dying in a hospital.

Catching DJs, selling drugs, organizing themselves, each set of 2,000, eating and dying in a hospital.

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Public health police stormed a radio DJ. Wave of Nakon Pato Organized program with drug ads, each set of 1.8-2 thousand people bought for eating, had problems with the work of the cardiac system. As long as you do not have to go into a hospital Claiming that you will buy drugs from pharmacy correctly But come on yourself to set up the sales package

Dr. Narung Tantropfiro PhD in Public Health, Nakhon Pathom Province, Colonel Colonel Firafogg Shanri, Sr., Cor., Nakhon Pathom, Lt. Col. Karun Furculkhtung Exploring the arrest of Mr. Mr Subache Jai-Jaiyai, aged 51, at house number 146, Moo 9, Tambon Klang Mudeia Mueang Nakhon Pathom District DJ FM 89.5 MHz FM radio station with kit of medicines, 20,000 baht per set, other medicines Book on client's account Obtained from the procurement of medicines Accusing Sold or Enter or Order the Kingdom in which Modern Copper odd, traditional medicine, drugs that are not registered for medicinal formulas without permission and advertise the sale of drugs without authorization, voicemail or picture Selling drugs in a parallel package by organizing it as a set at the same time

However, due to public health, the province of Nakhon Pathom complained that it believed that drug advertising via FM FM 89.5 radio was hosted by Mr. Suprat Yaiyai. There are herbs to treat various diseases. As Baran's disease, fat reduction can be cured for a short time While there are people interested in buying many drugs Who will be sold at a price of 18,000 baht per set. When the order is complete, you will travel to take the medicine at No. 146, Moo 9, Tambon Klang Maduea. Mueang Nakhon Pathom District But when the buyer took the medicine There is an abnormality in the heart system. While you do not have to stay at the Nakorn Pathom hospital and lodge an appeal, therefore, coordinating with the police provincial police station Nakon Patt, lured by the purchase of drugs at a price of 20,000 Baht. Mr. Suprat made a meeting to take a home remedy. When he arrived, Mr. Suprat prepared the medicine and explained how to eat. That's why the policeman showed himself in the search and arrested.

Mr. Suprat Discovered that all drugs found are drugs that they bought correctly from the store but are used as a set and are sold in which most of the drugs purchased are herbal medicines that are purchased from general pharmacies. There are hundreds of types, mainly sold by customers who follow the music on the radio. And then use the telephone method of contact to talk to each other. When agreed, it will be recorded. Depending on the expensive drug

After that, the police officer brought a drug to check, record and use the record for drug sales to the client, counting 10 books, with a charge of informing, but the defendant admitted that he only sells current and traditional medicine. Sale of many finished drugs in parallel, organized as a set at the same time But gave a refusal to sell drugs that did not register drugs and advertised drug sales without authorization, voicemail or pictures Before the police to bring the prosecution

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