Thursday , January 28 2021

Captain Splash the heavy weapon, won the beautiful battle of Chao Friya

Capital Smash heavy weapons to win the victory of Diamond Chao Phraya

Rose Cao, prof. Coulwong, think slowly today, slow to do, not eat. With the spray and spray skill around, the inner circle is demolished until the white rose falls apart many times. The captain won the race to win a double victory in the battle of Diamond Chaopatra on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at the Rachadamono arena. By a large majority by Burapha Star Nation

Five Chao Phra battle The Ratchadamnoen arena, Ekkasai Khao, prof. Kulwong (Dang), found a master chef, adopted a cook (blue), 125 pounds of coordinates The judge, Chumphon Inthayot, initially held the post, could still talk to himself, raising two boxing, good and bad skills. White rose goes straight Captain Kick right, finished second, captain of 5-4, raised three, white, pacing, hitting, hitting, striking, but slower Heidang finished third, taking 3-2 for the captain.

Raised four white roses, rushed to fight with their knees, but the captain had a counterattack across the entire outer ring, pulled right and hugged. The inner circle has a square of white roses, falling, rolling, with long flows, raising control of the colonel, all that out, raising the four captains, precious, in the end, there is no other choice. Captains Can Control The Victory Finishes, winning the victory with a score of 49-47, all three voices by director Suwit Karichit, Sinai Chulawong, R. Sembon Prabawong.

The second pair of prominent swordsman Gong Chai Saran Kam (Red) found Diamond Burafa Industrial Park Star Nation (Sina), who coordinated 126 pounds. The judge, Paitoon Khai Klang, finished lifting the first shine, quietly sitting, erecting the two diamonds, opening the game, hitting a blow, hitting the inner ring, chasing his arm to his knees. Day Khong Chai played heavy objects, kicks, kicks, blows, blows, blows, swaps, blows, fun Dan Chong Chai Feyam threw the band into the knee to fight, but the ball locked the ball. You can not fight everyone. Lift three diamond settlements after 4-1.

Raise the four outstanding Khong Chai, kneeling and the roadway to the diamond settlement, which is stronger than many, pushing, pressing, pressing, locking, pressing, focusing on the next. Hitting, hitting, hitting, secreting The Diamond settlement ended, winning a landslide victory with a score of 49-47. All three voices by director Suvit Karichit, Tanadol Yudab, Chumphon Intake

As for other combat results, Holat Kiyipun, result of the dragon's result Tong Burafa Star Nation, soldier Prime Minister Tasala won the elections, Tae Lek Bueng, Sukhumvit, Steel Spike, 99, knocked over the knee, Chuk Chen, Anantahai, Kitty, Muay Thai, Raising 4, Kangwaln, S. Tan Pan Petch Rungrueng Nui, four corners of the country, with a great deal Blow, blow, blow, win, kick, money, S. Pong, Amorn

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