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Bridgestone with the International Space Research Mission with JAXA and Toyota

Bridgestone with the International Space Research Mission with JAXA and Toyota

Bridgestone and the International Space Research Mission with JAXA and Toyota support research into the moon-controlled human-powered tires and maintain atmospheric pressure in the vehicle to be able to move on the Moon's surface

April 11, 2019 – Bridgestone Corporation announced that it will participate in the International Space Research Mission in cooperation with the Japan Space Research Agency (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), announced by JAXA and Toyota. Last month, this purpose of this mission also includes expanding the scope of human missions and developing intellectual property in space exploration. Bridgestone's involvement in this research also includes research on the performance of the tires needed for use with human-controlled lunar vehicles and maintaining atmospheric pressure in the survey * 1 to help the car to be explored. They are better exposed to the surface of the moon.

Bridgestone collaborated with both research organizations on human research. Who conducted a joint study with JAXA in 2000 to test the contact surface between the test vehicle and the Moon's surface and acted as a technical partner for the Toyota Research Project

With the expertise and knowledge of Bridgestone's Contact Patch, it is capable of supporting this challenging task to move on the Moon surface by developing flexible tires (Elastic Wheel) to support the weight of the vehicle for testing, accelerating and braking , least impact absorption and increase mobility Enabling more than 10,000 kilometers of exploration vehicles to operate on the Moon's surface, which is necessary for the successful completion of the mission

Bridgestone is proud to develop a solution with Bridgestone's unique features to meet challenging trips. And is committed to seriously supporting the international space exploration mission By developing a contact surface of the tire that can work even when moving on the surface of the moon

"We are honored to work with JAXA and Toyota in a space exploration mission," said Nisar Trigui, Bridgestone America's top executive during a meeting with JAXA at ​​the space conference. No. 35 "We believe that our technical capabilities enable us to develop tires with functional functions even in the most difficult conditions by experimenting on the surface of the moon. And help raise the Bridgestone to improve people's journey to a higher level Bridgestone fulfilled the spirit of Mr. Mr. Shojiro Ishibashi, founder of Bridgestone, with creative leadership (Shinshu-Dokuso) and social development which is an important part of our corporate philosophy. It enables the company to develop innovative solutions for the future. This mission demonstrates this hall BA and is a testament to the commitment of Bridstoun to improve the way people travel, lifestyle, work and leisure More

Bridgestone with the International Space Research Mission with JAXA and Toyota

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