Sunday , April 18 2021

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Snooker match, Thailand score 3, annual "P 80 Lopburi Championship 2019", in the school hall 1 Municipality of Sam Samed, Province Loburi Winner of a total prize of 1,134,000 Baht and a special prize for 147 athletes who bet on Max Brake. If possible during live broadcast on television, if someone can get MG 3 cars from Prayut Mahagit Siri with a cash of 100,000 Baht on April 26, with Mr Sontornon Charummon, President of the Billiards Sports Association of Thailand as President
For the game in the semifinals of the system, 4 in 7 frames were filled between "Big Saraburi". Athit Mahithi, snooker, former World Amateur Champion, 2007, at the age of 40 Years in a row, the duel with the "Five Naucun Nayak", Boonarith Kiatkul, former world youth champion in 2015, ranked 21th place, Thailand. It turns out that Big Saraburi shows the heaviest blow. Sharp made brakes 52, 83 to beat the Five Nations. The comfortable 4-0 frames (71-50.63-9.100 (52) -0.83 (83) -0). First entered the final
At the end of the Big Saraburi competition, Atasit Mahithi, Thai champion in the 60th year, said: "Today's game is happy that the five Naskon Nayak stabbed, but the boy could not come back while He causes to start punching more and more, until he won the 4-0 frame in the final. Who will meet anybody now? "
Another pair of "Korn Nakorn Pathom", Pasakorn Suwattanawat, former Asian snooker champion at the age of 54, to the duel with "Nook International" Krisas Lertsathayathorn, snooker 1 from Thailand currently and the Asian champion of the year, 59, who appeared like NUK International, starts to take the lead before 3-4 before being beaten by Nathourn Patt to overcome the winning 4-3 frame (66-54,9- 66, 137 (87) -4,7-122 ( 122), 0-66.80 (57) -61, 79 (63) -11), allowing the passage through Big Saraburi On April 27th at 14:30, live via T Sports Channel, the winner will receive 200,000 Baht, 80,000 Bakhti for finisher and maxim Clean the bottom Prize braking from 20,000 baht.

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