Monday , September 20 2021

"Bella" that zoom. "Weir" to buy the watch 2 hands of fault – innnews

The net has the shape of a double-wine watch. With drama that people buy. I do not know what to do. The latest Bella Parade at the "Siam Paragon Luxury Property Showcase 2018" at Fashion Gallery, 1st floor, Siam Paragon. Lella left to explain. I do not know that. Because each value is already built.

Ask the clock to get the previous job. And then is the malice that is buying Brother?

"I have to tell you first, Bel is a collector of watches, I have a collection of watches, but not much, what's interesting, send to yourself, he was sent to Bellevue, I do not know much about old watches, I asked him what he did not say, it's good to take him The stomach is surprised. "What are you doing?" He asked.

Do you often store the clock?

"The truth of value is not often more possibilities than me."

Where did he come from?

"Believe me, I do not know anything about it."

Did you tell me? How rare?

"He told me that, find it difficult, if it was, it would be fun."

Is there a price?

"He asked his older brother not to tell me (laughs)."

I know there is a drama that people say we are. Why buy a second hand? Is this guilty?

"It's a vintage clock. The truth of everything, it's in itself, it's not that it's expensive, old, new, but it's worth it. It's worth the mind."

Are you really being blamed?

"Belle is not sure to enlarge (laughs)"

Is that good?

"Wear it, I like it."

See in IG? Do the fans come in?

"Do not look at this."

It is not the story of the drama that is being discussed with my brother?

"I have not talked yet."

What do you say to someone you do not understand? Where did the attack hit you?

"No, as I say, everything in it is worth it, it's not about money, expensive or new antiques."

I like to see his older brother?

"I love it, I like it anymore, when it finds something interesting, it will think about it, I will look for myself, find this house." He was disappointed, he would be with us. "

Has it become a favorite home?

"There are many houses."

What color of vintage watches are collector's collections?

"(Laughs) What good is not it?"

What did you give away?

"If there is a chance, what if I have to do this from time to time."

The flow of drama. How is it now?

"She's in the intensive care unit, I'll meet the goddess Khan. Love is a clear obstacle.

How good is the audience?

"Thank you, everyone, tell me it's very difficult, with drama, that's the end of resentment, I love him in the same thing, I'm playing pretty hard and everyone is happy for me, it's a very intense day."

Is the spirit cruel?

"It's very cruel, if you see that I have done a lot, I will return it."

Weir was on the show.

"Is it true?" (Laughter) He said he was watching. Then he saw it. "

I am a ghost, are you afraid?

"There are only a few, I have to wait, I guarantee it."

Can we help you?

"Sell my good (laughs)"

Two romance dramas Who are you with?

"Now you can accept it, but it does not fit in. Or the reading process. Wait until it disappears, the better."

I do not know how to do this.

"It's difficult." Playing as two people is bad, so there has to be a lot of work, these two characters are very different, but the Mormons read the script closely. "

Is this a scam? Then compare?

"Are you afraid?" The comparison is normal, he must have already done What do we do when we do it best and responsibly What adults give us a chance We want to do it Let people watch us.

Look at the original version?

"I saw it, I'm not talking about it seriously."

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