Wednesday , August 4 2021

Bank Bank Ready to serve e-tax withholding takes care of all tax payments.

Together with helping the business entities in reducing the administrative costs, submitting and sending the withheld tax, the recipient will keep the tax at a lower tax rate according to the PRO. Compared to the original format As well as the reduction of the tax operations of the business sector By the operator And the recipient can check the details of the electronic withholding tax. From the IRS website 24 hours a day

Mr Pipat said the e-tax withholding service would facilitate operators directly. When the payer transfers money electronically through the bank the Bank will reduce the withholding tax and automatically submit the information to the Revenue Department. The payer does not have to issue a withholding tax receipt to the recipient. No need to submit a form And they do not have to file the withholding tax on their own

If taxpayers are incomplete, they can pay more through the e-tax payment system, the Corporate iCash service channel and BIZ iBanking immediately. e-withholding tax is available in two forms: e-withholding tax for domestic money transfer transactions. And services for accepting additional tax payments And will provide an international money transfer service in the future after its launch is well received.

The e-tax withholding service is suitable for entrepreneurs who have to pay for goods and services. And there is a list of withholding tax (withholding tax) of many partners. By adapting the electronic method of filing withholding tax for filing tax The trading partners will be offered a measure to reduce the withholding tax rate of the Revenue Department from 3% to 2% from 1 October to 31 December ’21.

This will help the partners to get payment for the products. And more services Therefore, liquidity management can be improved. There are also special promotions for customers who use the service. E-tax on bank retention in Bangkok Bee be exempt from paying 3 baht per item exempt from December 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021

Bangkok Bank also provides additional services such as e-tax invoice and e-receipt, e-debit note / e-credit note, for organizing Send to clients or operator partners via e-mail or contract channel. Along with submitting value added tax (VAT) information to the Revenue Department in electronic format according to the stated standards

In addition, it is ready to provide payment services to government agencies through electronic channels such as paperless customs e-payment service, social security payment service to help enable operators to save time and money. It can make transactions faster and more flexible as well as the ability to easily check the transfer report online.

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