Wednesday , June 16 2021

APS sends the flagship killer of the OnePlus 6T smartphone. It contains many promotions.

APS sends the flagship killer of the OnePlus 6T smartphone

AIS Spin OnePlus Exclusive Together launches "OnePlus" 6T "Smartphone's nickname "A flagship killer" The hottest thing in the US now. With speed z. 8 GB of RAM at an attractive price. For technologically advanced Thai people. After the success of OnePlus 6 is very popular.

OnePlus Flagship model 6T Smartphone with the latest ultra-fast design with RAM memory. 8 GB for 256 GB, fast performance in the AIS Next G network with the concept The Unlock The Speed ​​is delivered with a new fingerprinting function to unlock the screen. The new model is faster. And more secure. In 0.34 sec. Gorilla Glass 6 screen The latest Corning Glass Mirror material comes from the Dewdrop water drop design. 6.44 "Full Optic AMOLED 24-bit FHD + screen with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset in the new Android OxygenOs operating system box Android Pie 9.0. Game modes and Smart top-up makes the game faster and smoother. Including improved camera performance thanks to new features such as Studio lighting and night mode for advanced night photography. To make the details clearer. Fully equipped with a battery capacity of over 3700. mAh Quick charging support saves you more time to recharge your battery.

Touch the OnePlus heat. 6T only with AIS First steps in the colors of midnight Black and mirror Black with special offers. Hot from Hot Offer offered to AIS clients every month. 3,000 baht discount Free one-off insurance within 90 days when you buy OnePlus 6T in the AIS Online Store from November 16 to 18 and AIS Shop Central World 4th floor from Hot Deal from Hot Deal 15 999 baht from 18 999 baht. . (3,000 baht discount) for ROM version 128 GB RAM 6 GB, special 19.99 baht. Usually 22 999 (3.000 baht discount) for ROM 256 GB RAM 8 GB, with payment for the service in advance. Apply for Hot Deal 699 to get the right TV series for free for up to 6 months.

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