Monday , January 18 2021

Zheng Xiuwen was out of the rails. Zeng Canxiao was in the same box as Xiao San called "Xin Ying BB" – Entertainment – Zhongshi News

Hong Kong stars Xu Zhi & Zheng Xiuwen want to run for many years, married 5 years ago, today (16) the man broke into stealing, the object is a 21-year-old former sister in Hong Kong Huang Xinying, after exposure news, many netizens upset Zheng Xiuwen, and found that in fact, Zheng Xiuwen last year I was alone with Xiaosan. The two were together at that time and were very ironic.

Sammy Cheng's film at the IG and Huang Xining went to the hall last November and praised Huang Xining's standards of action. He wrote: "Standard Ying (haha! We are the so-called BB)" and we found that this sport is very happy. At that time, the two men showed a bright smile and noticed that the feelings were good.

In addition to the sport together, in January this year, Huang Xining's birthday was a photo of friends who celebrated their birthday in the IG. At that time, Xu Jian was also around, and Zhang Xiouen also commented on her birthday, and now returning these images, the netizens are arrogant to Zheng Xiouen. , discouraged Huang Xining shamelessly.

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