Friday , January 22 2021

Xu Zhi's daughter is a hot kiss, Xiao San, Du Qifeng, cursing: 斩 10 knives | Entertainment |

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▲ Xu Zhi '(left), Johnny To. (Photo / iQiyi entertainment microblogging, information picture)

Xu Zhi, 51, was photographed yesterday (16) with his wife Sammy and 21-year-old sister in Hong Kong, Huang Xining, by taxi. In the evening, he opened a press conference to admit that stealing, crying and crying to relatives and friends, the Netizens do not appreciate it, and Sammy does not forgive him, and some netizens dug the visit of director Dew Qifeng many years ago. At that time, he shook himself: "If Ansai crashes Sammy, I will hit X for 10 knives." Hot discussion.

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▲ Xu Zhi "was caught in an accident storm. (Photo / Blue Fun Weibo)

John Voyan, Lone Widow, and Men and Women for Weight Loss have set up a high box office and theme, especially in 2013, "Blind Detective" Du Kifeng, who has deep feelings with Zhang Xiouen, was asked about the composition of Xu Zhong years ago. He openly said that if Xu Zhany married his daughter, "I will marry him with his X." . "

▲ Du Qifeng and Zheng Xiuwen want the same father and daughter. (Picture / Iqiyi Fun Weibo)

Xu Zhi'an and Zheng Xiuwen want 28 years, although they are in the middle of the game, they are still on the red carpet. They are known as "The Last Fairy Tale in Hong Kong". Unexpectedly, a man recognizes the crash today and shocked entertainment circles in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now remembering what Du Qifeng said, he said: "Sir, the blade is ready, just waiting for you", "can be explained", "just wait to open the blade!"

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