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When will the tariff war end? Scholars: It is expected that the end of the 5G era Central press agency | NOWnews Today News

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(Zhu Zezhen, Taipei, 18th). The telecommunications industry, which is continuing to fight cheap customs wars twice, but scholars believe that the 5G era is to end because business-related business opportunities are amazing if the industry continues to fight the price war, just like a fine. A beautiful gun is used as an arrow.

Telecom operators experienced a boom in the Double 11 shopping festival and introduced a low-cost tariff plan to lower the total Internet access fee. Chunghwa Telecom introduced the "399 Flash Solution" which is equal to the hidden service and the 499 solution before the discount. Other telecommunications operators are not willing to show weaknesses and continue to kill fees, but in the short term do not seem to see signs of a ceasefire.

The National Communications and Communications Committee (NCC) recently announced that it plans to carry out 5G release operations in 2020, allowing Taiwan to enter the 5G era, but 4G operators' investments have not returned, and the cost of the 5G telecommunications network is high and the cost is difficult to recover in a short period. It also stops the investment in services related to 5G.

Lai Xiangwei, a professor at the Department of Radio and Television at the Taiwanese University of Fine Arts, bluntly stated that "cheap military operations are to end in 5G and enter history." Services provided by 5G are not only telecommunications tariffs, but also many applications such as Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles. Playing low-priced competitions is like having a delicate and beautiful gun, but using it as a dart is "very funny".

Lai Xiangwei said the 5G market for the blue ocean is very wide, and the industry does not have to insist on "small rivers" tariffs. In the future, 5G can work with car manufacturers to promote services such as self-propelled systems, and business opportunities and the profits they receive. Absolutely much more than traditional tariffs.

In the 4G era, in a low price war, the industry maintains "the enemy mentality does not withdraw, I do not retreat," nobody dares to take the first stop. Lai Xiangwei believes that if we do not include marketing strategy, we only want to use the price to get consumers, how we can get enough profit in the future to support the construction and development of 5G applications.

Cai Nianzhong, professor at the Department of Radio, Television and Film Studies at Shih Hsin University, analyzes whether differentiated services and pricing strategies are very important in the 4G or 5G era. When it comes to tariff wars, consumers who spend thousands of dollars benefit from Internet services and spend hundreds of dollars. Just like consumers, passengers who can take a ticket in economy class can feel like in first class, of course, passengers who sit in first-class booths, they feel that this is not a taste, and this is not good for the development of the entire telecommunications industry .

He believes that operators can differentiate by means of different network speeds or value-added services, so that high-spending consumers feel that "money is worth it".

NCC Vice President Weng Bozong analyzed that in the position of the competent authority of course adheres to the market mechanism, as long as operators have the advantages of existing user rights, bidding channels, customer service processing energy and service quality of new and old users, NCC will not prevent telecommunications companies from offering preferential treatment. Tariffs and their promotional programs to meet diverse consumer groups.

However, he personally believes that 2G mode of operation is based on voice, 3G is the price of a flow meter, 4G is full of network, and 5G draws attention to vertical use in the field and emphasizes personalized service. .

Weng Bozong said that in the Internet of Things era, looking at the opinions of foreign industry experts, many experts emphasized that telecommunications operators should get rid of the existing business model in the 5G era, actively cooperate with vertical field operators and promote new business models and ensure individuality. Therefore, the service encourages telecommunications operators not to adhere to cheaper tariff competition, they should make many attempts to create new methods of earning and business opportunities. (Editor: Lin Mengxuan) 1071118

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