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Watch out for work! Labor insurance is not without money. Net shooting Kai government 2 bad bills – Zhongshi news

The Labor Ministry announced yesterday (31) the latest actuarial report on labor insurance, maintaining the existing system, labor insurance will be bankrupt in 2026, even if an annual reform plan is adopted for tens of thousands of labor rights in labor , labor insurance will also go bankrupt by 2028, it will be delayed for 2 years. Authorities had "2 billion winds and 880 billion yuan," and the government has money, but the government has no money for annuities for labor insurance. "The few netizens are unhappy and the insurance of labor went bankrupt seven years later.

The version of the executive yuan of the bill on the reform of the annuity for labor insurance was sent to the Legislative Yuan in April of the previous year, but it was only adopted at first reading and the pending commission awaiting trial. This version will increase from a maximum of 60 months in the current protection period to 180 months, and the rate will increase to 12%, with the exception that the government will not be less than 20 billion yuan a year.

The insurance of labor continued to deteriorate, and the bankruptcy period was extended from 2027 to 2026. In other words, the labor insolvency went bankrupt after 7 years. In fact, at the end of last year, incomes and payment of labor insurance for the first time suffered a deficit. The Labor Ministry said the government would take full responsibility and invest 20 billion yuan a year, which is slowest in 2020 and will appeal to labor friends not to panic and rationally opt for old age payments.

However, according to the latest actuarial report, even if labor insurance reduces payments, and the government allocates 20 billion yuan each year, the labor insurance fund balance will start to decline in 2021 and go bankrupt in 2028, only two years later from the current system.

For labor insurance, they must go bankrupt. In the end, some netizens can not help but anger. "It will refuse to pay insurance for the work tomorrow tomorrow, and if you pay, you will not receive it. The citizens will not respect them." "Does the younger generation have to pay the premium, but the last" Old Generation of People "," If the work insurance goes bankrupt tomorrow, it will be saved now! Because the government can not be deceived. "

Some netizens think back, "It's good to crash! In any case, the government does not want to reform labor insurance, and workers do not want to change. Let them fall after 7 years." Pain together and avoid Helenise in Taiwan "

Another person gives a rational look at the reforms in labor insurance. "The government manages investments with poor return, pays less and has more talents. The military, public, official, working, agricultural and other pay, pay, protect the volume and income from investments, and then compare the investment benefits or we will confirm the investment situation from a fair and objective third party, we will evaluate how to change it. Do not reproduce the law of the general military-bandwagon bandit. "

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