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VR somatosensory competition in the game

(Central News Service 20181116 18:02:26) "Sensation Competition 2018VR" is the biggest winner of the "Iguana Iguana" team at Shude University, which deals with animation and game design that has maintained the national championship at 250,000 yuan, as well as in the south. The total district champion was 150,000, and the total prize pool was 400,000 yuan. Participants included captain Chen Guanying, Xie Ling Lin Guanan, Zhang Weiming, Song Qingyi and Zhong Yuzheng, and the e-sport team was coached by four teachers: Chen Junyi, Chen Dingkai, Wu Yusheng and Deng Shuyuan. "XI World Electronics IESF Colin Webster, President of the Athletics Championships / IESF, for the first time praised the performance of Shude University.

"Somatosensory Competition 2018VR" is the finale after the "10th World Championships in E-Sports IESF" IESF is known as the e-sport Olympics, the national e-sport competition in the country; Language, ethnicity and cultural barriers in e-sport exchange. This year's global electrical competition in Kaohsiung Dome, in which over 700 players took part, sitting in a professional cockpit cockpit, with a special VR helmet helmet, immersed on the battlefield with companions on the battlefield, stage change, Loud sound of sound bomb bullets affected every nerve in the player's body, and the battle was fierce.

School sports team of VR "Immigating Iguana" achieved great results this year, and in April this year was awarded the "National Award Review" for the National VR Competition, and in July she won "Eliminations of Southern Distributors in 2018". He won the prize of 150,000 yuan, on November 12 the "Somatosensory Competition 2018VR and the 10th World Championships in E-sports IESF" will take place, including the champion and 250,000 yuan in prizes.

The travel department director Su Zhonghe said that the competition checks the players' combat skills, adaptability, spiritual strength and persistence. Fortunately, the team members have solid and well-trained training on weekdays, and the school's super-fast sports hall and workshops with virtual reality experience they are well-equipped. Help improve the students' practical experience and add intangible combat strength to promotions and championships.

Dean Zhou Bojun of the School of Design also pointed out that the school has invested millions to build an international somatosensory VR and eSports facility to help cultivate innovative talents of entertainment applications and actively promote the creation of a virtual and augmented reality, a new base at Kaohsiung Software Park; The atmosphere of somatosensory e-sport created by big school money also attracts interest in the interactive VR entertainment project. "Irreproachable Iguana" dedicates its free time and strengthens the virtual skills of e-sports in the e-sport competition. Training, gathering experience in each event, urgent replenishment of attitudes and striving for planning strategies and teamwork skills can accelerate and are commendable. "Nature is a gift from heaven, accuracy is the effort of the day after tomorrow, it is impossible to prove the existence of talent without efforts." Su Zhonghe is so encouraged.

Source: Shude University of Science and Technology

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