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View Du Yu: Blue and green politicians please let the farmers and fishermen! – Wind media

View Du Yu: Blue and green politicians please let the farmers and fishermen! Wind media

With the former president of Malaysia actively promoting agricultural trade and the exchange of agricultural products, China surpassed Japan to become Taiwan's largest exporter of agricultural products. However, after the rotation of political parties, the DPP has been in power for more than two years, and the tension between the two sides has intensified. Will affect the purchase of agricultural products in Taiwan? Villagers are unpleasant. Although the Kai government has repeatedly promised farmers to spread the risk of a single market, they will actively explore the consumer market outside China, formally forming a national team called Taiwanese farmers to enter the international market, but in fact deliver a terrible transcript, helpless. For export and price stability of agricultural products, mainland China is still the first choice for Taiwanese fruits. Whenever production and sales of domestic agricultural and fish products are out of balance, blue-green politicians will not forget to commit political offenses and defenses (rather than reviewing the production and marketing mechanism) while playing the role of "eat." The opposition party often points to worsening relations between the pipeline, the supply of Chinese agricultural products to Taiwanese agricultural products has declined, and the number of passengers coming to Taiwan has dropped significantly, and gas procurement has become colder, which will exacerbate the imbalance between production and sales. The ruling party opposed it exporting to the mainland. The imbalance between production and sales is not due to Chinese factors, but also does not highlight earlier efforts to open up other international consumer markets. Many fruits like pineapple, pineapple, shellfish and mango are still in China. The largest consumer market, such as the Chinese export of fresh pineapple from January to May this year, about 24,178 metric tons, China accounted for 97% (23,455 metric tonnes) more than last year, Japan's only 635 metric tons, from January to May this year The Chinese fresh mango exports about 182 metric tonnes. The Chinese mainland consists of 134 metric tons and only 3 metric tons of Japan. China's crude is still the main export of Taiwan's agricultural products, and the Caiu government has not yet managed to spread the risks. The southern pineapple farmer went to the Executive Yuan in protest against the collapse of the price, …

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