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US stock market – a lure attack on Lido US stocks surged for a month in three years

Due to the large reports on corporate earnings, the Fed's cash changers have increased investor sentiment. US actions on Thursday (August 31st) led to the largest increase in a one-month period in three years and spilled fog in December.

Thursday (31st) US shares four major index performance:

  • US stocks Dow Jones fell 15.19 points, or 0.06%, to close at 24,999.67 points.
  • The S & P 500 index gained 23.05 points, or 0.86%, to close at 2704.10 points.
  • Nasdaq index grew by 98.66 points, or 1.37%, to close at 7281.74 points.
  • The Philadelphia semiconductor index rose 0.33 points, or 0.03%, to close at 1272.09 points.

The Dow Jones index on Thursday was almost indifferent, but rose 7.17 percent in January, the highest increase of one month by 2015, and the biggest increase in January for 30 years.

The S & P 500 index rose 7.87% this month, the best January of 1987 and the biggest monthly gain since October 2015.

Among the S & P 500 indices, only 11 out of 11 sectors in the energy sector and the United States ADR fell, with telecommunication services leading the way, followed by consumer goods, utilities and information technology sectors.

Dow DuPont (DWDP-US) announced less than expected the company's stock price dropped 9 percent, pushing the blue chip index, which led to a slight drop in the Dow Jones index.

Last year, the Centennial Singularity of Enterprises (GE-US), which was rejected by Dow Jones, benefited from a report on earnings that exceeded expectations, the mortgage business reached an agreement with the US Justice Department, and the market announced a plan to lower the lever , prompting the price of the company's shares to grow 11.65%.

Earnings in CB bills is not due to expectations, Tesla's shares (TSLA-US) fell by 0.57% on Thursday, despite a significant increase in delivery, capacity and cash stocks, but the market continues to pay attention to the drop in Tesla's demand and the rise of other competitors like Audi, Porsche and Jaguar.

The latest Facebook revenue report is better than expected. (Photo: AFP)

According to Apple, the financial report on Facebook published the red plaque, which on Thursday led the rise of bubbles (FAANG).

Facebook (FB-USA) grew by 10.82%, Apple (AAPL-USA) increased by 0.72%, Amazon (AMZN-USA) increased 2.89%, the ABG (GOOGL-US) increased 2, 54%, Netflix (NFLX-US)%.

Semiconductor shares were mixed, with AMD (AMD-US) increasing by 5.72%, NVIDIA (NVDA-US) by 4.63%, Qualcomm (QCOM-US) by 1.30%, Micron (MU-US) for 0.052% INTC-US) fell by 0.88%.

In corporate news, the US chip-giant Intel (Intel) board of directors announced that Robert Swan, who has been acting for more than half a year, will assume the post of new Intel CEO. After the announcement, Intel's stock price closed.

The fall of the banks fell, the Bank of America (BAC-US) fell by 2.10%, Goldman Sachs (GS-US) fell by 2.28%, JP Morgan Chase (JPM-US) fell by 0.87%, Wales- fell by 1.47%

ADR in Taiwan shares closed higher, and TSMC ADR (TSM-US) increased by 0.64%. UMC ADR (UMC-USA) increased by 1.07%, Sun Moon Investment Investment (ASX-US) increased by 1.53%, Chunghwa Telecom ADR (CHT-US) increased by 0.31%, AUO ADR (AUO-US) fell by 2.79%.

Analysis of Wall Street

Wall Street is at the critical moment of the busiest week, and Facebook will turn into pigeons, and a new round of negotiations with the United States and China will come to the last day, and Amazon and other tough companies will continue to report on revenues. Report on non-agricultural employment.

Technology shares have returned

Investors were thrilled by Facebook's wage earnings, causing a series of Bulls alerts from Wall Street analysts. Morgan Stanley in the report says: "The Facebook story is improving."

Last month, the S & P 500 index dropped by 9.18% and fell briefly on a bears market ahead of Christmas. However, as of December 24, the S & P 500 index increased by about 15%.

Dave Lafertti, chief market strategist at investment managers at Natixis, said: "US stocks are close to fair value and feel that they are largely returning from the level of overcoming in the fourth quarter. What is the next catalyst in the market?"

Positive changes in the US and China have also sparked Wall Street's optimism. US President Trump expressed confidence in reaching an agreement, but he does not seem to want to provide further details of future negotiations with Xi Jinping.

Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He confirmed that China will also increase the purchase of US agricultural products, including the import of 5 million tonnes of soybean per day in the United States.

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