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"This is just the case …" Nanshan's 150,000 insurance policies expired! Du Yingzong new mower vendor system hard to trust customers | ETtoday Insurance | ETtoday news cloud

Ans На The subsidiary of Nanshan Life Insurance ongongshan. (Photo / Reporter Tang Xinggan Photography)

Life Nansen Life Insurance. (Photo / Reporter Tang Xinggan Photography)

Financial Center / Interview Report

Nanshan Life's new "sphere" is out of control since its launch in September 2018. On September 17 this year, the Association for Financial Management severely fined 30 million yuan, in accordance with insurance law, and ordered Nanshan Life Insurance President Du Jingzong to suspend work for two years. . Looking at the situation this year, Nanshan Life Assurance Trade Union believes Du Jinggong said the new system was a "big bang" (big bang), but information went wrong for a year.The authorities also misjudged the situation and missed the golden opportunity. Not many "black numbers" found.

A senior member of the Nanshan Life Insurance Company trade union told the Ettoday News Cloud reporter that when the new system was launched in September 2018, members continued to point out that the system had encountered some problems and the union had helped to fix it. these problems and be fully reflected. The company knows that for the first time, the company said only "this is just a case", please don't worry.

"But the problem continues to arise. Everyone has always reflected that this is not the case the company is talking about." Trade union member Nanshan said the company solved the problem one by one and tried to prevent the client's rights and interests from being damaged, but did not know the level of influence. How wide. Some sellers are afraid to sign up and deal with them privately. The customer will not follow the solution after receiving the seller's solution. "These are black numbers under the counter. The new system has not improved. Everyone is very concerned about whether the system information is correct. There is a problem ".

The Nanshan trade union repeatedly reported the entire system to the FSF. Initially, the Financial Management Committee unilaterally accepted the company's statement that the new system was only in line and had a certain percentage of errors, but these errors were "still within acceptable limits", so they agreed to provide some time for improvement, and they also asked Nanshan life insurance. The interests of the policyholder must not be damaged.

▼ ▼ The Golden Governance Committee held the "Symposium of Leaders in the Life Insurance Industry," Du Jingzong, president of Nanshan Life Insurance. (Photo / Reporter Tang Xinggan Photography)

У Du Jingzong, former president of Nanshan Life Insurance. (Photo / Reporter Tang Xinhan Photography, Informative Photography)

The Nanshan union said the headquarters recognized the mistakes and also received buffer time and gradually handled various situations. "I am more upset that I find that information about the system is not necessarily accurate. When my client came to ask me, I followed the client's message is not necessarily correct. If the real situation tells the client that the system is full of errors, then the client will not believe me. "

Nanshan Life calmed down colleagues "These problems are just cases", but for the front-line salesman, systematic errors made everyone feel very anxious. Nanshan union members said that after launching the new system, the old system would stop updating and directly launch the new system. In the midst of continuous troubles, the client and vendor have actively discovered it. return the old system, or at least the old and new systems are parallel, but the seat response is difficult and the database is very large and cannot be implemented simultaneously.

"In an exclusive media interview, Du Jingzong said the new system was a" big bang "(big bang) once. They already knew there were going to be some problems on the line. "Nanshan union members said the size of Nanshan's life insurance market, the number of policy makers, etc. The number of policies was so large that the company allowed the new system to they tolerate mistakes once they go online and are unwilling to spend more time fixing mistakes. "This is their choice, and their judgment is wrong. They just don't know how to clean. "

Nanshan's union said union members would report to the FSF and seek a solution.However, once they learned of Nanshan's life insurance decision, the authorities could allow mistakes and punish them after one year; when the Nanshan Trade Union reflected that the old system had to be restored. However, the competent authority is on the perspective of Nanshan Life Insurance Company: "It is very difficult, not easy." He corrected the situation and finally missed the opportunity for gold processing.

Ans На Nanshan Life Insurance Corporation. (Photo / Reporter Tang Xinggan Photography)

▲ Faced with errors in the new system, Nansan Life Insurance business colleagues felt pressure. (Photo / Reporter Tang Xinggan Photography)

"How to let politicians have confidence?" Members of the Nanshan union said that while using the new system, internal and external vendors spent a lot of time and the computer system was faulty, whether it was practice or sentimentality. to the customers, it took a lot of words. Time and time to let customers understand the situation and trust the business again. "The time and actual effort of these costs is actually the cost of the seller's efforts to improve. We have to report to the company that it must be compensated, but the evaluation criteria were not. All adjustment measures will put all business colleagues deeply under pressure. "

The new "Frontier" system has not yet stabilized. After launch, there will be a continued state of policy discontinuity and wrong order within the investment policy. A total of 12 million policies have been issued for all traditional and investment types A total of 152,000 policies have been canceled since the launch of the new system, and life insurance vendor Nanshan has gradually confirmed the application form and helped the client return the policy.

In addition, investment policies cannot be used for accountability, which can be verified manually, including confirmation of insurance policy wishes. More than 1,000 investment policies are still unable to clear accounts.

Nanshan's union said that despite the influence of customers, the seller's salary was incorrect. How to handle the valuation and how to compensate the seller is now in mediation with the company. "I'm afraid these cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Not many black numbers have been found yet. "

Looking at this year, the disaster in the new Nanshan system has expanded from life insurance on a single investment path to investment-type insurance policies, causing discontent among policyholders and unions. When Du Jingzong once accepted the media interview, he said: "We will protect (the policies) and set the rules, but under these rules, how can we not make mistakes?" I was asked if there was no improvement if I came back? He was a little angry when he heard it. "This is a stupid question." "If I do it again, I'll still do it."

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