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The technology manager once sat on the station “was asked to get off the train and walk on the tracks” and was brutally broken by a 9-rib train (Taiwanese movie) Network Apple News News Network Apple daily

A man named Zeng, who works as the head of the research and development department at a technology company, arrived at Hsinchu Railway Station on a shuttle bus to Taiwan late at night in October 2017. He was asked to return to the platform, but was unexpectedly hit by the 9-rib Zikiang ship and broken in the chest with blood. With a monthly salary of 100,000, he spent 3 months in treatment and angrily sought compensation from the Taiwan Railways for 1.48 million yuan. Following the trial, the Hsinchu District Court found that Taiwan Railway was indeed guilty and awarded 360,000 yuan in damages. Taiwan Railways said today (25th) that it respects the court rulings.

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In the verdict, Zeng Nan stated that on the evening of October 13, 2017, he boarded a shuttle train from Puxin Station and drove to the Hsinchu Terminal Station on the second platform B at 10:04 p.m., because he was talking on the phone there. time. , I missed the transmission and did not find Hsinchu Station as a terminal station. Although the station assistant found that he was still stuck on the train when he cleared the train, he closed the door without confirming that he had left the train and informed the dispatcher that the train might leave the platform.

Later, the driver with the surname Lynn received a radio and a sign indicating that he could leave the train and had to leave the platform. Open the side door of the north end cab and tell him to get off. Zeng Nan said he followed the driver’s instructions to get out of the car and walk around the track without knowing it.

Unexpectedly, when I was traveling 106.6 km, I was hit by the Zikiang train because I could not hear the train whistling. After I was sent to the hospital, I found a bruise on my chest, a fracture of 3 to 11 ribs on my left side and chest and 5 to 10 vertebrae on my thoracic spine. Severe injuries such as sudden fracture, left scapular fracture, right chemothorax, and pelvic contusion.

Zeng Nan said that because of this major accident, he could not sleep due to physical pain, had to take anti-anxiety medication and was unable to engage in enthusiastic running activities. He had a strong sense of fear of riding a train. He had multiple fractures and required recovery and rehabilitation. Please take care for at least 3 months, which will seriously affect your quality of life. It is still uncertain whether long-term rehabilitation treatment can fully recover. Because of his physical pain and mental torture, which made him unbearable, he asked for a spiritual comfort fund of 1 million yuan and a total of 1.48 million yuan for medical expenses.

Taiwanese airlines have said that before the train arrives at the terminal station, the train will broadcast that the station is a terminal station and will not go to other stations. Passengers are required to disembark or change trains at this station. When the station assistant cleared the train that day, he found Zeng Nan sliding his cell phone into the carriage and immediately told him that the train had arrived at the terminal and asked him to get off the train. He saw Zeng Nan getting off the train and left and went to the next car to continue working. Know that Zeng Nan did not get out of the car. In addition, the general public should know that it cannot intrude on the railway. Zeng Nanjing got off the train and crossed the track. He saw Zikiang standing and was afraid of falling and injuring himself. He should also be guilty.

The driver with the surname Lin also testified that when he took Zeng Nan back to the cab on the north side, he informed the driver of the next train to let the stranded passengers get off the train after entering the platform; driver with the surname Lynn He said he opened the west door, but the driver he picked up came from the east. He opened the east door. After handing over, he discovered that Zeng Nan was gone. He said: “I asked him to wait in the car. “I did not expect him to get out of the car.”

The judge believed that when a driver with the surname Lin found out that Zeng Nan was stuck in the carriage, he should have been notified in accordance with the Taiwan Railway Regulations. After the Hsinchu station sent staff to take Zeng Nan to the station, the driver with the surname Lin did not follow the regulations, causing the Zeng Man to remain on the train, and the judge asked Taiwan Railways to provide the driver’s age information to the driver. Lynn Nan at the time of the incident. Taiwan Railways claims the information was destroyed.

The judge believes that Zeng Nan represented Lynn Nanorong to let him get out of the cab door and did not stop him actively. This version is more acceptable. Therefore, the driver with the surname Lynn is really to blame for the accident; however, crossing the railway is illegal. It is also a serious danger. When crossing the track, other trains may pass through the track. This is a social and well-known fact. Therefore, Zeng Nan himself should also be responsible for 30% of the blame. In the end, the judge ordered Taiwan Railways to pay 368,000 yuan in compensation.

This morning, an Apple News reporter went to a tech company with a manager named Zeng in Ping Town, Taoyuan. The reporter provided relevant information about the Hsinchu court ruling. Many employees thought it was scary, but since it’s been three years, no one knows Zeng. The last name manager of the company said that the company does not have a manager with the last name Zeng, and the others did not respond. The gatekeeper has been in office for more than two years and said most of the company’s employees know that, and there really is no manager with the last name Zeng. (Reported by Huang Yixin, Li Pattai / Hsinchu, Taoyuan)

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