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The good news about experimental animal trials of cancer vaccines in the US will enter human trials in 2021 | TechNews

Cancer is a very serious disease. The good news is that the US team has developed a new cancer vaccine that has shown positive efficacy and safety in animal studies. It is expected to enter the first phase of human trials in 2021. If all goes well, people will fight cancer in the future. The Admiral has additional helpers.

There has been a lot of good news in recent weeks about the new crown vaccine, and in recent days there has been a long battle against another thorny disease.

Many cancer cells know how to hide to avoid monitoring the immune system, which makes cancer treatment very inconvenient. However, with the advent of immune checkpoint inhibitors in recent decades, people can rely on the body’s immune system. to eliminate cancer and allow immunotherapy. Become the choice of many cancer patients.

However, immunotherapy does not have a great therapeutic effect on all cancers. For this reason, a “cancer vaccine” has been developed in recent years to be used together, and the PD1-Vaxx vaccine that has spread the good news this time is from this type.

It is understood that the PD1-Vaxx vaccine may mimic the effects of PD-1 inhibitors (such as levodlumab), but at the same time may avoid activation of associated congenital and acquired drug resistance and may effectively inhibit tumor growth. . Not only that, when researchers from Ohio State University Cancer Center (OSUCCC – James James) combined it with the previously developed B-Wax peptide vaccine, the treatment results were even more significant. In animal experiments, the two vaccines were combined for treatment. The answer was completely positive in 9 out of 10 animals.

The main author of the study, Pravin T.P. Kaumaya, a professor at Ohio State Medical College, explained that this study is important for two key reasons. First, PD1-Vaxx can stimulate the function of B cells and T cells to promote the elimination of tumor cells. Second, this treatment can block the very important pathway for transmitting messages for tumor growth and maintenance.

“By combining vaccines with immunotherapy drugs, we are actually ‘super-filling’ the immune cells, specifically instructing them to target and kill cancer cells.”

Regardless of PD1-Vaxx or the combination with peptide vaccines, there was no toxicity or autoimmune response to the test. Kaumaya said that through further research, PD1-Vaxx would be better than antibodies to block immune checkpoints in the future. Effective, safer and less prone to drug resistance.

Following recent approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PD1-Vaxx is expected to conduct the first human clinical trial for certain patients with non-small cell lung cancer in early 2021. It is rumored that the Australian authorities are also giving approval and may expand to other locations in the future. continue

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