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Shadow "A 2-year-old starving boy does not want to leave his mother's lower body floating fragrance – Zhongshi News


2-year-old child suspected of starvation, mother only 20 years old, 1-year-old girl died a few months ago

A two-year-old boy was famished in Taipei, and the autopsy showed that the boy weighed only 6 kilograms, about 2 months old. The boy's born boy's mother and Xiao's boyfriend were sentenced to death for the crime of abandonment, but during the investigation the police discovered a psychological incident that he suspected he would not leave his mother and let the woman smell the lower body.

It is understood that the police and police investigators responsible for the investigation of the Lin Tong delay have already smelled rancid eating, but at the time it was only recognized that this taste would appear in this case. The Free Times reported, but it was strange that in the afternoon of November 10 police escorted Lin and Xiao Nan to the second funeral parlor to examine the boy's body. Soon after hearing the forest girl she felt the same rancid smell on the forest girl. .

And this rotten scent was only spread in the lower part of the forest woman, the police judged that the forest girl never held the boy, the boy only climbed his mother's feet on weekdays, he suspected that the boy can not stand his mother, so look "Mom".

Why does a 20-year-old Lin woman starve her own son from hunger? Even the investigating police officers were hard to understand, but after understanding the family and origin of the Lin family, they discovered that Lin, her mother and auntie were people with intellectual disabilities. After the metropolitan prosecutor's office in Taipei, a forest girl was assigned to the family, but the police were worried that if there were no comprehensive interventions in the future, there would be many problems.

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