Saturday , April 17 2021

Quit Green Investment in Korea! The family of dark green was prompted by Korean Yu-politics – China Times News

Zhongtian News leave the green investment Korea! The dark green family was touched by Han.

After 6/8 Houshan a completely Han conference, Han Feng was getting ready. When Mr. Taichung Han, Mr. Zhang arrived on a visit from Zhongtian News, he said about South Korea Yu, he said: "Do not forget many people in the world" and "for the Republic of China, and will break the bones." Even his parents, older than 70, are sighing deeply: "No official really took care of people's lives. Only Yu South Korea is sure." Initially not green, they gave up the green investment in Korea, turned into Korean powder, and intend to 6/8 Hualienchang, 6/15 Yunlinchang, 6/22 midfield players are not absent, and support South Korea Yu forward 2020!

Mr. Zhang pointed out that because there was something that could not go to Qaidao on June 1, but then it was still sensational to watch the 61st Korean conference from the Internet, and promised that after the 68th Hanshang Conference , I will not miss it. Mr. Zhang is in a hurry to ask questions in the past few days and finally has a tour of the seats. Since he is engaged in the printing industry, he will personally bring a poster to Hualien on June 8.

Mr. Zhang admits he has participated in the "downside" in the past, but in recent years his blue-green battle has made him feel cold for politics. Only last year's mayor voted for Korean Yu, because he was deeply influenced by Han's philosophy and slogan. Deeply impressed, let it go all the way.

(Newsletter of China Times)

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